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A Message of MFX Positivity from Sir Ian Trumps

Alright guys, Duckman here.  Just wanted to preface the following blog from Sir Ian.  This is going to get a bit sickly and bro-mance like, so stick with me.

Ian’s not just one of the voices behind MFX, he’s not just the richest person any of you know and he’s not just a fucking funny guy – he’s also a top class bloke.  

I say that as someone who has known Ian for more than a decade, someone who has seen him go through good times, bad times, and all the other shit in between.  No matter what the situation or the challenge, Ian’s always positive, driven, determined and above all – inspiring.  

I’ve never met the guy in person, yet I class him as one of my closest friends.  Not just because we spend a few hours a week together doing a podcast, but because I know behind all the bravado and brashness, there’s a heart of gold.  He’s helped me through tough times and always been the guy with the best advice when I’ve needed it.

To think we’ve been able to work together for so long, on so many fun and varied projects really does fill me with pride.  Plus it proves that you don’t just have to waste time on the internet – sometimes awesome stuff can come from it.  We’re all proof of that!

Ian says he’s not a guy who writes blogs and leaves that up to the rest of us, but he’s decided to give it a shot and talk about something close to his heart – MFX and the community we’ve built – and how that community can be used to help us all change our lives and be better people.  

So check out Ian’s blog, have a think about his words and consider yourselves lucky that you all get to be part of the MFX Crew too!



Change My Life, The Power of The MFX Crew – By Sir Ian Trumps.

You wake up in the morning and you look at yourself in the mirror and you probably can pick out “x” amount of things that you are bothered about. Not always the physical, sometimes it is a case of looking at your life through that mirror and thinking…where the hell am I going?

We’ve all been there and trust me, those who tell you they haven’t have all been there as well. This blog isn’t something I plan on doing regularly, but let’s call this inspiration 101 and hoping to pass that inspiration onto others who already have it in themselves…and just needs someone to remind them.

Back when we looked at creating the MFX forums, I don’t think Duckman or myself, nor lesser known administrative guys such as Triple B and Judge realized what we were creating. In fact what we ended up with was an amazing set of people from all walks of life bonding together over various topics forming a community. Headlocks and suplexes brought us together, but so much more made us stay.

The podcast much like the forums has taken on an evolution in recent times to branch out from the love of headlocks and suplexes to all different things. Sports, politics, gaming, general news and opinion…more than likely the forums and hopefully the podcast has a little bit of something for everyone. It’s a reason I enjoy spending my limited online time on our forums and why I love doing the podcast with Duckman…and even that Abrigo guy from time to time (I kid Marc, you are a gem sir.)

But through all of the fantastic things that our forums have evolved into, I would dare to say the message that the podcast has already caught up with its forums brotherhood, is to talk about is changing your life.

I turn on the TV and I see infomercials about fitness plans, or specialist weight routines or what the right food is to eat. I flip the channel and I see someone telling me by getting a qualification in ‘x’ I can go on to have a career in ‘y’. All this stuff is good, but it’s only as a good if it’s right for you.

You see, for so many different people on our forums the journey of changing that perception in the mirror is different. Like I said it’s not always physical…it’s a case of sometimes looking in the mirror and seeing right inside yourself and thinking I want to change ‘this’ about me, whatever ‘this’ might be.

If you couldn’t give a rat’s behind about your physical appearance…or getting fit. Who the hell has the right to tell you to do so?  If on the same hand you are not remotely interested in gaining ‘x’ qualification. NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO TELL YOU, YOU HAVE TO! That is the beauty of you being you…make the choice yourself. Every achievement, however small to everyone else, is an achievement and you should feel good that you have achieved it. You should have EVERY FUCKING RIGHT TO SHOUT THAT ACHIEVEMENT FROM THE ROOF TOPS. No judgement, just a well done from those around you…

Two topics of discussion inspire me on the MFX Forums. One is the MFX Fit Club: (4 years old, 47 pages long and still going strong – Duckman)

The other one is The Awesome List: (4 years old, 51 pages long and still going strong – Duckman)

Two separate threads, but to me serving the same purpose: a support mechanism from your fellow peers, and a chance for you to show off those peacock feathers for whatever cool thing has happened to you or is happening for you.

I am inspired by this because on the same token, I am that annoyed with the crap that we as a society put forward as issues (see Stop the Stupid Shit! )  I have to spend a good 5-10 minutes reading through these two threads just to bring a bit of balance back into my own mind and remind myself that everyone out there does have some relevant positivity to share.

I am not a writer folks…I am not a blogger…I am a talker…but this passion inside me to express how proud I am of all the guys and gals, who have something positive to shout about on MFX through specifically these two threads – and the support that comes from their fellow community members – is something I feel like I have to get down on a piece of paper.

I read a lovely exchange recently on the Fit Club thread. Dorling and Drama Queen talking back and forth about their achievements in terms of personal best targets in running. I can relate to that, although I don’t shout too much about it, I broke a personal milestone for running hours this week, but the support and slaps on the back these two guys were giving one another just made me smile.

Much like Judge talking about how DDP Yoga WOULD NOT BEAT HIM! I loved that and I loved as soon as he posted it once more the community rallying around to support Judge in reaching his goals. The Awesome thread works the same way…for every bit of good news someone posts there is somewhere they to say WELL FUCKING DONE. That folks is how life should be…

It got me thinking…it got me thinking about the MFX Galaxy…and even the Wolfie Pack…it got me thinking about all this stuff together and I came to one conclusion: if you’re using these forums, reading these blogs, listening to this podcast, social media loving facebooker or just being a part of MFX one way or another you are part of us…you are part of The Crew. The MFX Crew.

I am proud to be part of this Crew and the reason I am part of this Crew is because although my goals are different from my fellow Crew members, I do share one common goal. I look in the mirror and I love the man I see…I love everything he stands for and love everything he will be, but I still want to Change My Life. Much like we all do…I want to #CML it.

I had this revelation at the beginning of the year and this is the final part of this blog. I wanted to Change My Life. This doesn’t mean a radical haircut, but for some it could do, this didn’t mean re-educating myself, but for some…hey that is what they want to do. For Sir Ian Trumps it was about a three step program to improve his diet, get fitter and knock the smokes on the head.

For the last week and a bit I have begun stage 3 of that goal. I know hurdles for all three of my #CML goals will come and shit I will trip over them…but that’s what life is all about…being knocked down and getting up again.

My #CML is different from Dorling’s, it’s different from Judge’s and different from Drama Queen’s. It is different from my yoga loving partner in crime Duckman, its different from the inspirational film director Andrew Carson who has been on our show recently and I had a wonderful 2 hour Skype chat with a few weeks ago (motivational person right there!) and it’s certainly different from the person ,you dear reader is looking at in the mirror right now. There is no fitness DVD, or motivational book to read with #CML…because #CML is all about you and the Crew.

Today, have one good long look at yourself in the mirror, knowing that the rest of the MFX Crew is looking in their own mirrors and thinking. Thinking about their #CML and what they want to do about it. I implore you to then take action on your personal #CML…and then brag the fuck out of it with every achievement step you make…cause after all The Crew…shares the same hashtag and are there to support your #CML as you support theirs.

I appreciate the read and look forward to hearing all about my fellow Crew members #CML experiences in the future. I’ll be the first person to purchase the new MFX Crew shirt designed by friend of the show Alex Smiley. It will be my personal badge of honour everytime I step in the gym at home to run 4 miles, to lift 35 minutes of weights and spend a lot of times punching a punch bag which drives me crackers! Here is me signing off and looking forward to hearing your achievements.

MFX Crew Member Sir Ian Trumps


  • TripleB

    Well said my good man. If you hadn’t bought all the top hats, I’d tip mine to you now.

  • Judge

    Thank you for the shout out Ian, and I look forward to hearing about your CML moment in the show and on the forums. Everyone here has been the best support group anyone could ask for. We have all kinds of people from all walks of life. We’re a family. We’re together.

  • dq

    This post has inspired me to finally get around to listening to JDMs music. He’s a shining example of someone pursuing his passion and a really great member of the crew. Oh and the music’s actually really good, I’m quite enjoying it.
    Thank you for this post Ian, and for everything you do.