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Anything Anime Intro

Hello all and welcome to my first post for the MFX Blogs. I just wanted to do this short intro for those who might not know me, and might want to know why out of all the things I could pick to write about, I chose Anime. Well sit back and relax and I’ll let you know all that and more.

Part I: Who am I?

That’s the simple question to answer, my name is Terry Wimberley as many of you from the Facebook Discussion Page will know me from. I am originally from Texas, but I now live in a town about an hour away from Chicago, Illinois.

Most of you here know me under the name of Tezmission Black on the MFX forums. I have also gone by Al Black in the past and will normally answer to either if referred to on the forums or the Facebook page.

I’m a fan of Pro Wrestling, NXT is my show to watch on most weeks. I will watch RAW though to keep up with major story lines. Above all else though probably the one thing I have watched more of than wrestling is Anime.

Part II: Why Anime?

Why did I pick Anime as the topic? That is simple; I love anime. When I was younger I remember sitting down in front of the TV on a Saturday or Sunday morning turning on the TV and seeing a small kid with a tail having an adventure with a blue haired girl and a bald headed monk. They went around their world searching for the Dragonballs, that could grant them any wish they wanted. I watched the original run of the first season of Dragonball on TV and I was hooked at that point.

After that season ended though things got ramped up a bit, the anime jumped the rest of the series of Dragonball and went straight into Dragonball Z and now we got to see Goku grown up with a son of his own, yes the Dragonballs where still around, but the ante was raised and we got more back story of who Goku was.

That is what got me into Anime, and I have loved it since, I can’t think of a time when I wasn’t seeking out new anime to watch, and yes, I’ll even admit, I watched my fair share of Sailor Moon. Yeah the English Dub doesn’t do the series justice, but at that point and time I enjoyed it. These shows have not held up as well over time, especially with the popularization of Anime and some of the Anime that has come out since, but from time to time when I want a laugh I will still put on episode of DBZ and just enjoy.

So that’s the long way around to get to my point, which is; I love anime. I love the stories, the outrageous of it all, and just how much it takes to do the shows. I have a very lax view when it comes to Anime than other people do. I don’t hate on them because I know people put their all into these projects and if I can get a couple laughs, or if I can be engrossed in another world that’s all I really can ask for, I’m not a critic, I’m just a Anime fan.

Part III: What comes next?

I went to two friends of mine and asked each to name an Anime. The Anime where DNA² and Record of Lodoss War, and after a coin toss was done DNA² won out. So when I finish the series I will be doing a review on the series as a whole and then once I’m done with that one I’ll be jumping unto Record of Lodoss War and doing the same.

To be honest I don’t think I’ll be doing reviews each time, those are just the two I plan on reviewing first. I know I plan on giving each review a rating out of 10, and giving my opinion on if they are worth giving a watch or not. And who knows things might evolve later and I’ll try new things. I can tell you at this point I’ll only be watching Anime that is dubbed, I don’t have the patience to sit and read the TV show I’m watching so it’s all dubbed for me.

So that’s it for this time and I hope you have enjoyed, I know I have, I can’t wait to get done with DNA² so I can get the review done and out for you guys, and I guess that’s all I really have, so I hope you enjoyed getting to know me and my intentions and until next time…

Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease, So Long and Thanks for all the Fish, and Seeya Space Cowboy.

  • This is a whole new world for me! I’ve never watched Anime before, so I’ll be learning something new with your posts. Keep ’em coming buddy. And thanks for contributing to MFX!

  • peteaholic #ItsBlade

    I have no idea about Anime, or what to watch. it’s something that has always interested me, but I kind of dont get where to start!. But yeah, some future recommendations may get me watching, or it may not! But something I am willing to give a try! Will keep a look out for future blogs!

  • dq

    Yeah, what blade said. I find the concept interesting, but intimidating. It seems so involved that I don’t want to join in a series that is already in progress. Looking forward to learning more.

  • Jason Z

    Sweet a Anime blog, I been fluctuating in and out of Anime for a while now, so it’s great to be able to see what series, films and ova’s are worth checking out and what aren’t