Site Awards

2011 – Awarded in Episode 1

Future Star: Dolph Ziggler

Wrestling Website of the Year: Botchamania (the only site to get 2 votes)

TV Show of the Year: Monday Night RAW

Tag Team of the Year: Beer Money

Biggest Shock: Edge’s Retirement

Biggest Letdown: WWE’s Take on “Summer of Punk”

Least Improved: Triple H

Most Improved: Cody Rhodes

Best Promotion: WWE

Best Show/PPV: WWE Money in the Bank

Wrestler of the Year: CM Punk

2012 – Awarded in Episode 30 (The XMas Special)

Future Star: Dean Ambrose

Worst Wrestler: Garrett Bischoff

Show of the Year: NXT

Tag Team of the Year: Team Hell No

Biggest Shock: Jerry Lawler’s Heart Attack on RAW

Biggest Disappointment: WWE’s Booking in 2012

Worst Match: Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan – Wrestlemania 28

Best Match: CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan – Over The Limit

Best Storyline: Team Hell No – Anger Management

Best Promotion: WWE

Best PPV: Wrestlemania 28

Wrestler of the Year: CM Punk

2013 – Awarded in Episode 71 – The RAW Edition


2014 – Awarded in Episode 110 – Steve Bruce: Attorney At Law.


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