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Beast Mode TV Introduction

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Time for a new twist on the MFX Ramblings and that is a video blog…or vlog or whatever genre you want to classify what I do on the side for some extra change. I was excited to announce a ‘partnership’ if you will between the guys at MFX and us here at Beast Mode TV to try out hand at cross promotion. I’ve been a member of the MFX forums since its stages of infancy and love the community and know what kind of guys Duckman and Sir Ian are so this was a no-brainer.

Wait…who am I again?

I’ll go by c4geron, or c4 for short to those who have yet to make my online acquaintance. On the MFX forums I am the Canadian sports lovin’ son of a gun Cory….I know creative name.

So, what is this Beast Mode TV?

Well if you know me from the MFX forums you know I’m all about sports. MMA, American Football and the sport the rest of the world calls Football. I love discussing sports, I love voicing my opinion, and my passion for sport is incredibly high. I also like playing video games and it just so happens playing video games and talking over them on YouTube can be profitable…enough so that I’ll never have to spend a dime on my video game hobby ever again. It’s a simple equation that I’ve been using for nearly a year and a half now. Take a Madden, FIFA, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, hell really any major console game and talk about the NFL, World Football, Porn Stars, Fitness or anything that relates to a 16-34 male demographic…toss in a girlfriend who is down to wear a push-up bra for click bait and boom.

I have carved out a niche in the YouTube world doing what I want and people enjoying what I do. We’re closing in on 10,000 subscribers who tune in to hear me stand on my soap box, and it’s time to expand our roots and align ourselves with the great people at MFX Wrestling Podcast.

It was difficult to find a starting point to introduce my channel to everyone here at MFX, so I decided to start with a prologue if you will about my past as an athlete and just a little about myself. The video above I put out last year and really is the only content I’ve released on my channel about myself. I feel like to get into a channel that’s all over the board like mine you need to know the person that’s talking first before you can dive into the opinionated content. The video I have selected is one where I talk about the struggles of being a Canadian football athlete coming out of high school, hell just the struggles of being a Canadian athlete who didn’t play hockey in general.

I’ve always been involved with sport. From 12-17 I played the highest level of soccer in Canada and was able to represent and captain my province (Canada’s equivalent of a state) for 8 years. In those 8 years I’ve gotten to go around the world to Ireland, South Africa and the highlight being the Manchester United Soccer School which landed me a 2 week trial with Stoke City’s youth team. A Fantastic experience. Arsenal is the team I support and you’ll often find EPL related content on my channel as I voice my opinion on why Arsene Wenger needs to leave and why Chelsea can suck a dick.

Soccer, god I feel dirty saying that word, was never the cool thing to do here in Canada, let alone where I’m from. I’m from the same small ass town that’s produced two of the best hockey players in the NHL in Sidney Crosby and Nathan McKinnon. Coming to high school, being the best soccer player didn’t land me the chicks and soccer still really here in Canada is referred to as a ‘girl sport’ and combined with the lack of high level programs to take your game to the next level, I decided in my senior year to turn down some decent scholarships to play American Football and to try my hand at a sport I loved but never played, which I describe in detail in the attached video.

I was throwing all my eggs into one basket my senior year. I’d never consider myself a ‘meat-head’ or ‘jock’ but I wasn’t getting any scholarships on my grades alone and coming from a financially strapped family it was free ride of bust, and those just simply don’t exist in Canada, and I’ve never seen one that covered more than what boarding would cost…so I had to look to trying to get to an NCAA school, and had an ‘In’ being a family member who was married to a teacher at Georgia State, so I had my SAT tests and everything ready to make a push to get in at some of the smaller programs in the state of Georgia.

The transition was smooth; people don’t realize soccer players make good football players, which would sound kind of weird to a European. I played running back and after training camp was already getting profiled and scouted. I was 5’10, 225lbs and could run a 4.49 forty yard dash and could bench press 335lbs…which comparing me to the top prospects from America I had better measurables than the top 5 star recruits in Marcus Lattimore (6’0, 210lbs. 4.46 forty and 270 bench) and Michael Dyer (5’9, 203lbs. 4.40 forty and 320 bench). I had very limited football knowledge and half way through the season I tore my Achilles tendon and was done…and so was my football dream.

Very limited game tape, very limited credibility to Canadian high school football and no school wanting to invest money in a kid who only had two months of football experience meant only the garbage offers from Canadian Universities which financially wouldn’t even cover ¼ of the cost of going to said University. So I took the college route for my education and till this day have put my athletic dreams and aspirations on hold. My passion for football is stronger than ever however, I love my Philadelphia Eagles with a passion as seen by the loads of Eagles content on my channel. Not a fan of the Eagles? I love talking about everyone else’s team and telling you why they suck as well so everyone is included!

I’ve been working on a fitness aspect to my channel showcasing me getting back into the same shape I was at 18 now at 22. There are regional combines here in Canada to try and impress CFL (Canadian Football League) teams and maybe that’s what’s next in store for me, or with the expansion of soccer here in Canada maybe there’s something there. ‘Beast Mode Fitness’ is the segment on the channel with content coming this summer so if you want to get invested in a comeback story as well as learning some fitness tips and diet tricks from someone who has had the opportunity to see what it takes to be an elite level athlete, I welcome you to join in on the fun.

I hope explaining my past helps you understand why I love the sports that I talk about on my channel as well as the other aspects you get from subscribing to me.

So until next time, In Chip Kelly I Trust, Wenger Out and cheers!