The dulcet tones of your hosts, as well as the cast of characters that run rampant on the podcast!


The men that run the show, your guides into the insanity that is pro wrestling, politics, and beyond!



The host of MFX, Duckman is both Scottish and a wrestling fan, but don’t hold that against him; he’s actually a decent person. Duckman is a life-long fan of the sound of his own voice, which makes him a perfect podcast host. Honing his skills through years of intense hostage negotiations, Duckman has a gift for the gab that he puts to use each week on MFX.

A man who struggles with the horrors of modern life, Duckman tries to make sense of a chaotic world and very rarely succeeds. He’s the moral compass of MFX, although he’s sure that compass has been broken for some time. A reluctant hero to many, Duckman strives to bring you the most fun and entertaining podcast he can. It’s a goal he’s yet to reach, but he’ll never stop trying. Always ready for a healthy debate or a round of making fun of celebrities, Duckman is the podcast host you’ve always wanted to be.

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Sir Ian Trumps

The co-host of MFX, Sir Ian is both English and filthy rich, but don’t hold that against him; he’s actually a decent person. A man who doesn’t suffer fools gladly, Sir Ian is famous for his forth right opinions on many subjects and his ability to be both shocking and hilarious in the same sentence. If Duckman is the MFX play-by-play guy, then Sir Ian Trumps is the colour commentator, adding quips and shocks to the show just when they are needed.

A successful salesman and international playboy, Sir Ian is the beating heart of MFX. He brings a style all of his own and a sense of humour that’s darker than the inside of a cat’s ass. While he may rip on the poor and make fun of the stupid, deep down Sir Ian is a hippy at heart. A man who encourages all MFX listeners to chase their dreams and never accept less than the very best. He brings a host of characters and personas to the MFX podcast that make the show what it is. A collector of fine wine and even finer women, Sir Ian Trumps is the man you all want to be.

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The recurring cast of characters that pop up from time to time to annoy our illustrious hosts on the MFX Podcast:

You can harass Rye Betch on Twitter @RyeBetch; Geoff Hardee can be found @GeoffHardee, and Brick Hogan is waiting for your nudes @BrickHogan (but don’t give in, it’s bad for your health!)