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Deadman Wonderland

Greetings one and all and welcome to the first of what will be many exciting adventures through the magical world of TV, Movies, and music.  Before we dive in a little about this blog and it’s ruler.  I am the one and only Sgt. Josh Underpants, I was once a noble Capt. but was unjustly demoted but thats another story.

This wonderful blog that I hope you are enjoying will focus on three topics previously listed and will mostly focus on the things I enjoy or attempt to enjoy, but since I feel the only real way to really discover new and exciting things is through others, I encourage any and all of you to reach out to me through the blog or through MFX with any requests for movies or tv shows for me to review so long as they are available on Netflix or possibly something I may already own, just ask and I will let you know if it’s doable. I am also willing to listen to any music you wish for me to hear and to give my feedback on it. All genres are open and once again please make sure it is something that is easy for me to locate.

Now as promised I present to you the first review of awesomeness and probably the most out of my comfort zone review. I’m speaking of the world of Anime and the first anime to really catch my attention Deadman Wonderland. A little background here, I actually caught an episode of it on Adult Swim and kind of jumped in during the middle, luckily for me due to the magic of Netflix, I was able to pull this gem out from the beginning and well I’m going to go ahead and review the first episode for you. Now without further ado here goes nothing.

Warning spoilers ahead.

Episode 1: Death Row Inmate

Our story begins all happy and bubbly opening, which seemed a little odd to be based on what I had seen before starting this show officially. Luckily this doesn’t last long and suddenly blood everywhere. If this was the early 2000’s I could have totally guaranteed a youtube video that had Drowning Pool’s Let the Bodies Hit the Floor or Korn’s Dead Bodies Everywhere, but it’s not so there probably isn’t a video for that. Now is when we get to witness our hero of the story Ganta Igarashi totally lose his shit when he sees his best friends severed head in the hands of the yet to be named Villain dubbed as the man in red. Ganta gets some kind of weird ass anime Hart punch and then awakens in the hospital only to be arrested for the murder of his whole class. He flips again and starts blaming the man in red, cause you know that’s always a good defense to blame a man in a hood, cops always buy that. Cue sleezeball public defender who totally says he’s going to make sure the kid doesn’t go to jail cause he believes him. Total shocker dude was full of shit and kid gets placed on death row. Santa again flips his shit as they take him away and tries to plead only for the parents of the dead kids to jump out of their seats and beat his ass down. Santa ends ups begging for forgiveness from severed head girls dad but gets his ass kicked even more. Sleaze ball public defender becomes even worse after its revealed he set Ganta up with conveniently placed confession from a guy who slightly looks like Ganta.

Next we’re introduced to the “jail” Deadman Wonderland. It’s like Disneyland fucked Super Jail and that was the result. The jail is run like an amusement park and all the laborers and performers are criminals, doesn’t matter what you did, thats where you go. Stole bread to eat, to Deadman Wonderland with you Aladin, nicked a car to Deadman wonderland with you, murdered your whole class, to deadman wonderland with you. All the wonderful criminals here get placed in to dog collars that can track you and shock you if you misbehave, cause every future jail is required to have those. Bad ass female warden does typical warden schtick about how badass she is and how they will all fall in line and ask for questions. One wonderful genius of a man has to ask her how big her boobs are cause you know that’s the most logical thing to ask and is totally not going to cause her to want to kill you, but sadly she doesn’t kill him. It’s gone way to long without blood for my liking but thats ok cause some guy only referred to as cart guy runs his cart in to Ganta and somehow during Ganta falling and being helped up, cart guy supposedly steals something, So bad ass female warden slices him up with a sword cause she a boss ass bitch.

We’re than introduced to Shiro who somehow says she already knows Ganta and they’re friends. Side story reveals that sleazy public defender is really the one who runs Deadman Wonderland, no wonder he sucks at his job. We then learn that no one ever leaves, you either get the death sentence or you have an “accident.” It’s like being on an FBL team GMed by Franchise or getting on the wrong side of the Iron Lady in Hollywood. Did I mention Ganta is a nerdy looking kid cause yeah he is so that prompts another inmate to attempt to pick on him (I’m sorry I don’t care what the kid looks like if he is in jail for murdering 29 people with no weapons, I would not fuck with him.) But it’s Ganta so he gets his ass kicked anyways, not before his new/old friend Shiro tries to stand up for him first and takes a shovel to the head ala Home Alone. Apparently during the fight Sleazeball Lawyer decides it’s time for an accident and tries to drop a fucking giant globe on Ganta, but holy crap the anime heart hole appears out of nowhere and like blood and stuff starts flying out of him and creates a force field to destroy the globe sending pieces all around him and Shiro. They’re both ok but the inmate and his buddies get horribly crushed to death because fuck those guys.

We’re then treated to a wonderful scene of a guy who decides that he isn’t going to die the way he’s supposed to since he was you know sentenced to die. He takes a hostage and starts threatening to kill them cause you know that always works. Bad ass Warden on the scene and tells her little innocent cop to make small talk with the guy about the fucking weather cause he’s going to die anyways. The guy than starts ranting about not having any candy before his little dog collar flashes death and kills the dude cause apparently the collars can kill you too. Curios moment the dog collar has a timer on it before he dies, is it preset or was it just a detonation timer. And that is the first episode of the wonder of Deadman Wonderland, hopefully the later episodes have more blood.

Please feel free to give me any feedback on this as well so I can hopefully do better next time around.

  • MFXDuckman

    While I have never watched an Anime show in my life, this blog is awesome. A great introduction to a world I know nothing about. Keep up the great work Sgt and pretty soon that promotion back to Captain will be yours! Thanks for contributing to MFX!

  • dq

    I enjoyed the review, despite having little to no interest in anime. Looking forward to reading more reviews.