Lowering The Tone, MFX Ramblings

MFX presents: Lowering The Tone #1 – LETS GET READY TO RAMBLE!

Hello, this is MFX Friend-of-the-show and Galaxy member Tone Cold Steve Austin, (Or you can just call me Tone) bringing you a quick intro to the corner of MFX Ramblings known as Lowering The Tone.

I am an often-cynical (I have been known to refer to myself as the Black Hole of the MFX Galaxy) thirtysomething living in Nottingham, a member of the MFX Fit Club, one of those fools on Twitter (@Tone7x20 for everyday stuff, @ToneColdSA for Wrestling/MMA-based stuff), a consumer of many different types of media and now a blogger again.

This is the 2nd incarnation (I could call it a reboot, but we have enough reboots and they’re rarely any good, right?) of a blog I used to do over on Tumblr before it got too bogged down with picture spam and their posting tools became a horrible, confusing mess.

I look to write on a wide range of… stuff here. My thoughts on Life, The Universe, Everything… mixed in with semi-regular series such as the Tone’s Top Ten features I ran in the Tumblrverse (Suggestions for Tone’s Top Ten topics are always welcome), and of course the mandatory plugging of things I’m involved with like The Airwaves, which is a media-based podcast I am a regular guest on.

Either way, whatever it is I post about next, I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

I will finish this by thanking Duckman, Sir Ian, Alex K and the others involved for giving me and all the other excellent bloggers here this opportunity to write under the Marks For Xcellence banner and for their work in setting all this up.

Til Next Time: Peace and Snapmares.


  • dq

    Ooh, I’d love a top ten exercise moves or something fit club related! Look forward to reading your thoughts.