MFX Show 12

Warning…the following wrestling podcast contains comments of an adult nature. It will contain comments and opinions not suitable for younger children. It will also contain comments that other listeners will find offensive. Please don’t try this at home, work or in the shower…

Well what do we have here? Two MFX shows in two weeks? Given our recent track record I’d say that’s one hell of an achievement!

That’s right kids, MFX is back for another week and we’ve got a cracking show for you. I mean, we’ve always got a cracking show, but this one is ultra cracking. It’s another long one but when Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps tell you MFX Brings The Length – you can be damn sure that’s just what we’re going to do!

This week we’ve got a huge review of Raw 1000. We cover all the big moments on the show. Plus some of the smaller, more annoying and stupid ones. We have a ton of fun covering Raw this week and we’re sure you guys had the same watching the show on Monday! Duckman hates the Brock Lesnar angle but loves the CM Punk show finale. Sir Ian hates both. We both love Slick, Sean Mooney, Daniel Bryan and John Cena no selling Zac Ryder’s joke backstage. Check out the show for all that and more!

Plus we look at last week’s TNA Impact Wrestling show from 19th July. It’s an Aces and Eights special on TNA this week and once again they produce a coherent, entertaining and well paced wrestling show! Thanks TNA, you’re starting to make a good habit of that!

Plus find out how much Sir Ian Trumps hates Nick and Brooke Hogan…it’s a lot. And it’s very funny.

So what the hell are you guys waiting for? Put the kids to bed. Fix yourself a cold drink or roll a fat one. Sit back and relax. It’s MFX time!! Get listening and remember to get involved in future shows by sending us feedback, questions, topics for discussion and anything else to all the various places you can contact us.

Enjoy the show and remember #BringBackMooney.

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  • Jack Farmer

    Very enjoyable show.

    I follow Impact Wrestling much more closely than WWE so I liked that part the most. One of the reasons I follow Impact instead of WWE is because there is just too much WWE programming for me to keep up, so like just about everyone else, I think a 3 hour Raw every week will be brutal.

    You had mentioned how cool it was seeing Bully Ray go over clean as a heel, but really almost all the matches in the BFG series have been clean finishes, which has been awesome.

    Of course, there are favorites to win the BFG series, but I’d like to hear your thoughts on which of the ‘underdogs’ you would like to see come through.

    All in all, great as always, thanks for recording!