MFX Show 16

Warning…the following wrestling podcast contains comments of an adult nature. It will contain comments and opinions not suitable for younger children. It will also contain comments that other listeners will find offensive. Please don’t try this at home, work or in the shower…

Holy crap is it that time of the week once again? You’re damn right it is! That’s right folks MFX is back once again with our own inimitable look at the week in WWE and TNA. This week Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps are on top form but don’t take our word for it, go listen to the show to hear for yourself.

Of course we can’t start the show without plugging Duckman’s recent interview with ROH TV Champion Adam Cole for our friends at Wrestling Rambles. But that’s not all, friend of the show Pip Kick has been doing some interviewing of his own! With who? You won’t believe us when we tell you, so you better get listening. Plus Duckman reveals the next guest he will be interviewing and shares a story about his shit day.

Then Duckman and Sir Ian dissect Summerslam 2012 with all the matches covered. It’s one of the biggest WWE PPVs of the year and we give it the full MFX treatment.

WWE Monday Night Raw, the follow up show to Summerslam is covered. Duckman has not laughed as much during one review as he did for this one. One of the most fun reviews of Raw we’ve ever done. If only for the discussion about Chewbacca Kardashian and Silent Rage, Scott Armstrong!

Then it’s on to TNA Impact, Brooke Hogan’s Jaw fell over everyone! YAY! We review the show, we mourn for the loss of the Claire Lynch angle, we LOVE AJ Styles and his logic! Plus we try to work out who Aces and 8s are. Nick Hogan may be their get away driver, that’s all we’re saying…

We finish off the show this week by answering YOUR questions.

Enjoy a curse filled, NSFW, vaguely entertaining look at your shameful pastime.

MFX 16 is here. Somebody call the lawyers.

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  • Jack Farmer

    I only need two more comments to have my name completely dominate the ‘Recent Comments’ section on the right side of the site! Woohoo! Suck on that ‘Friend of the show, AlexK!’

    Always a fun listen. MFX has become a Friday morning ritual getting ready for work in the morning. It helps to drown out the thoughts of responsibility I need to keep until the weekend!

    My one gripe is with so much dumb stuff on WWE…is it really all worth covering? Maybe skim through some of it?

    As great as the BFG series is, is it possible that it’s too long? Injuries seem inevitable with that many guys in a series that long.

    Very fun listen this week. It’s always appreciated. Can’t wait to hear the review for this week’s Impact.