MFX Show 17

Warning…the following wrestling podcast contains comments of an adult nature. It will contain comments and opinions not suitable for younger children. It will also contain comments that other listeners will find offensive. Please don’t try this at home, work or in the shower…

Yeah, yeah so we’re a couple of days late with the show this week. Blame Sir Ian Trumps and his hectic James Bond style lifestyle. Blame Duckman because he lives in Scotland (or 1974 to the rest of us) where he can’t seem to go a month without there being a power cut at his house. Seriously, we finished recording at about 6.15pm on Friday and the power went out at Duckman’s at 6.30pm and was off until Saturday morning. So in a way you should be thankful we’ve even got a show this week…but we do…and it’s awesome!!

We open the show this week with a discussion about stupid shit both Duckman’s Dad and Sir Ian say in social situations. Duckman diagnoses them both with social tourettes. Plus we talk UFC’s horrible week and their decision to cancel UFC 151 and throw Jon Jones under the bus because of it. Not the usual wrestling discussion you get on MFX but it’s a big story and Duckman really likes UFC so we to talk about it!

Ok, wrestling chat. Yes, we actually have some this week. Loads of it in fact. We review Impact from last week – the show where a million members of Aces and 8s turned up and where Kris Lewie thought Gut Check was a literal question. Gut? Check! Tons of fun reviewing what was an entertaining mess of a show from TNA.

Then we answer your questions on TNA including such topics as ‘why should people who have given up on TNA come back’ and ‘why does everyone hate Robbie E?’ Yes this is turning into the TNA MFX special but what can we do?

We also review Monday Night Raw with a look at Punk v Lawler, anger management skits and HHH cock teasing a retirement that we all know is never going to happen!

It’s a bumper show again this week. It’s MFX 17 and we invite you all once again to enjoy a curse filled, NSFW, vaguely entertaining look at your shameful pastime.

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  • cdamasceno

    Still going through it, but so far, basically one of the best podcasts out there – and yes, making fun of Garrett Bischoff is highly encouraged.

  • Jack Farmer

    Great show as usual. I’m glad Impact Wrestling was up first. Well, second to UFC, but it’s all good. Maybe this is the wrong show to ask on, but I’d be curious to know your thoughts on entertainment vs talent in UFC. Should UFC hire fighters who may be less talented as long as they are more entertaining? Or should they keep the best fighters in the world, even if they are boring to watch? Where does UFC draw the line on that?

    In any case, great show as always. Thanks for recording.