MFX Show 2

Happy Nearly New Year Everyone!! It’s nearly 2012 and the MFX Podcast is back bringing you the very best wrestling opinion – that you can get from two jaded 30 year old Brits! Yes a Scotsman, an Englishman and…well we couldn’t find an Irish one as they’re all out drinking on their pre New Year warm up. But I digress…

The Marks for Xcellence – Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps bring you a detailed review of ROH Final Battle – the first ROH show Sir Ian has seen. We also have feedback from other listeners on the big ROH end of year spectacular.

That’s not all! We look at WWE Monday Night Raw and the Cena/Kane promoathon as well as a discussion on the panic over the low rating for last week’s main event. Woo Woo Whoops! Plus could Randy Orton be out injured for a lengthy period? We discuss the ramifications for WWE and their scarily thin roster.

The 18th annual Power Slam magazine Wrestler of the Year issue has just been released. Duckman and Sir Ian go over the top ten which has some very surprising results.

We close the show this week with our New Year Wrestling Resolutions. What horrors have Sir Ian and Duckman lined up for themselves in 2012? It involves watching Impact and buying WWE PPVS plus tons more!

Remember to leave some feedback on the shows here by registering to comment. Also feel free to get involved with next week’s show by emailing mfx.show@gmail.com with comments, questions, topics of discussion.

Thanks and have a great New Year guys!

Duckman, Sir Ian Trumps – Marks for Xcellence.

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  • AlBlack

    First off, I am a Ryder a fact that is obvious because I enjoy posting his youtube show on EFK, besides the Ryder bashing I enjoyed this episode, so far I am listening to the Orton theme song so I still have a little bit left in the show.

    First off, I enjoyed your review of Final Battle, I have very limited ROH experiance, ROH Big Bang, and then Final Battle are my first couple shows I have watched, have been some great wrestling, and could not agree more then even some of there worst matches where better then some of TNA/WWE best matches.

    The second part about WWE and redoing there shows, I am honestly not a Hardy fan, I don’t like him on my TV but that’s just me. Now on the other hand if Kurt Angle came back to WWE it would be a huge thing, but I can’t see him coming back as a face, I don’t know if the things he’s done or said about WWE during his time in TNA.

    The part about Orton is very sad because they had been actually looking to redo him and had actually been testing out some new music for him in a few house shows.

    And the part about It Begins, I honestly think it’s Jericho, if it is Vince or something I might just roll my eyes, I dunno, he’s not been out long enough for long drawn out deal.

    But yeah great show I can’t wait to hear the next, the new background layout is awesome.

  • Assuming this lets me comment, great show, posted some comments on EFK, will have to sedn you guys my ‘in defense of Ryder’ post when am lesss drunk. But Good stuff guys, have shilled to me fed

    • … wait, wut? It has my gravatar?

  • Duckman

    Thanks for the early feedback guys, really appreciate it.

    In case anyone was wondering the music on this show was the intro themes for:

    Kevin Steen
    Randy Orton (obviously)
    Prince Devitt



  • I love this podcast! Both episodes have been top notch and very entertaining / educational / insightful. Thanks so much for doing them!