MFX Show 20

MFX 20 – our last show for three weeks while Sir Ian Trumps heads to the States to attempt to live out his dream of crashing NXT from the crowd and getting in the ring. Oh yeah and I’m the Tag Team Champions.

In the first part of the show we find out just how different the lives of Duckman and Sir Ian are away from MFX. Plus we talk John Cena’s injury and Duckman vents against ROH and their shitty record with their IPPVs which got worse again last weekend.

Then it’s on to a full review of Night of Champions. We cover all the matches and segments from the PPV in the usual MFX style (slightly snarky and quite sarcastically) that you’ve all come to know and love!

We then jump into a review of the follow up Monday Night Raw. What. A. Boring. Show. Although we bring the MFX goodness to make it an entertaining reminder of what was in essence 30 minutes of good stuff and 2 hours and a half hours of filler. Oh and a skit about sandwiches. I’m sure you will all be a fan of Finger Boy once you’ve heard this show!

We wrap up the show with a review of Impact which had too much Hogan, too much Jeff Hardy cock sucking and one of the worst backstage skits we’ve seen in a long time. We discuss the Aces and Eights storyline which is rapidly going south. This wasn’t our favourite episode of Impact but it’s a damn funny listen! Oh and we’ve got just enough time to answer a couple of your questions.

It’s MFX 20, a rocking fucking riot of a wrestling podcast. And our last one for three weeks. So stop dicking around and get listening! Thanks for the continued support folks and be sure to get involved with MFX21 which will be here before you know it!

See you all in three in weeks!! Enjoy the show.

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