MFX Show 24

NOTE: A few mic issues this week so the quality isn’t as good as normal. You might need to turn us down a little bit. We’ll be better next week, promise.

When they open the record books 100 years from now and look back at the wrestling podcasts of the day, they will know that MFX24 was the high water mark for comedy, insight and inner monologues. Oh and Hogan jokes. Millions of them. Seriously.

Duckman has been ill. So he’s more wheezy and coughy than usual. Sir Ian Trumps has a new lazy boy chair and he’s more chilled out than a hippy on the third day of Woodstock. But that doesn’t last long. We learn all about Sir Ian’s weird day at work, how Duckman sucks at WWE13 and our special guest Jeff Hardy reads out your inner monologues.

Then it’s time for Monday Night Raw from Birmingham, England. The show forever known as ‘holy Jesus we need to change EVERYTHING we did last week.’ Duckman shares his memories of the one time he went to Birmingham. Insane. We kind of hate Brad Maddox – Rouge Official. Plus Game of Thrones chef Ryback returns. Ian and Duckman wonder if they’re just too cynical and perhaps The Positive Podcast is the future for MFX. Not bloody likely.

Our Impact review this week only needs four words – Hulk Hogan’s Perv Curtain. Honestly, we’ve never had so much fun reviewing Impact. Listen to this NOW!

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