MFX Show 25

The following NSFW wrestling discussion podcast is so darn entertaining and funny that if the government taxed wrestling related comedy, we’d be completely bankrupt.

We’ve hit the quarter of a century mark – MFX25 is here and we’ve got another bumper show for you! We kick things off with a chat about Duckman never getting a tax rebate, unlike everyone else he knows. We lay out a challenge to friend of the show Pip Kick. Plus we talk the rumours of WWE bringing Summerslam to the UK and the start date for TNA’s British Boot camp show. MFX fully supports Rockstar Spud. It’s official.

Then it’s straight into a review of Impact, the go home show for Turning Point. The show is given the usual MFX treatment, which as you know by now means lots of jokes about Hulk Hogan being a selfish moron and Aces and Eights being a bit lame. We always have fun reviewing Impact and this week is no exception.

TNA’s Turning Point PPV is next. Holy crap – the Aries vs. Hardy ladder match was incredible! We also cover all the other matches in detail. We love Taz hazing the new commentator, plus we discuss the future of TNA’s PPV business. What is the point on putting on good shows with great matches if no one is watching?

Then it’s time for Monday Night Raw review – a headline grabbing episode to say the least. We give our thoughts on the controversial Jerry Lawler/CM Punk angle. Plus we talk the terrible build to Survivor Series and how WWE almost seem to be trying out do themselves with bad storytelling from one week to the next. Don’t worry though, the MFX Podcast is here for you guys. We’ll get you through the dark days until we get to Wrestlemania season and Vince starts getting his shit together.

As always, thanks for listening, remember to get involved in future shows through all the various channels. We’d love to hear your feedback on the show this week so drop us a line if you’re so inclined.

Enjoy the show!

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