MFX Show 28

Time to get your panties wet – MFX is back for another week! Yes it’s another hilarious show, yes we make your life just a little bit brighter and yes, once again we bring you the most random and occasionally insightful reviews of Raw and Impact anywhere on these here interwebs.

We kick off the show with our usual chat about what we’ve been up to this week. Nothing is ever simple in the worlds of Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps. We share some stories about random dreams and insane kids, we hear about Sir Ian’s stag night preparations and we pimp our end of year awards and get on an onsite report from PWG by our roving reporter Alex K.

Then it’s time to talk about Monday Night Raw. Did you know AJ used to live in a car? Well she did and it makes us laugh, a lot. Plus we talk The Shield, CM Punk hates The Miz, The Miz hates CM Punk, Vince McMahon hates black people and Duckman just doesn’t get Brad Maddox.

The highlight of MFX28? Impact – The Looper edition. Hulk wants Brick, Austin Aries is hilarious, Aces and Eights suck (again), James Storm is easily duped, Taz hazes Milf Hunter and that’s just the tip of this comedy iceberg. You think you’ve heard a good review of Impact before? Wait till you hear this insane time travelling edition of the show! No one makes Impact as entertaining as this, not even TNA.

Look kids, just sit back, get your laughing gear ready and join us for the most entertaining, off the wall and surreal reviews of the week in wrestling you will ever hear. It’s MFX28 and it’s going to blow your tiny little minds!

We’re always keen to hear from you guys, so be sure to get in touch with some feedback on the show, please do get on the Facebook page to cast your votes for the end of year awards show and all the other MFX shenanigans! Thanks and enjoy the show!

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