MFX Show 29

MFX29 – All We Are Saying, Is Give Zig A Chance…

NOTE – For some reason this week Sir Ian Trump’s was obsessed with Vince McMahon’s love of puke in Beyond The Mat. Good times were had.

It must be Thursday because MFX is back once again to brighten up your lives and bring you the kind of high octane, laugh a minute, NSFW, wrestling podcast that is SO damn good every kid has asked Santa for one this Christmas!

We kick off the show with our usual random ramble where Duckman loses his train of thought, Sir Ian’s winter dress sense is pondered and Duckman tells us all about his Christmas record setting attempt. Plus we’ve got your feedback, some hype for our end of year awards (GO VOTE NOW!!!) and we somehow end up talking about the movie Twilight.

Where’s all the wrestling you chat you ask? Good question…oh wait, here it is! We review IMPACT from the 6th of December. It’s the go home show for Final Resolution, so what do MFX talk about? Taboo American Style – Sir Ian Trump’s movie recommendation of the week. Google it, NOT at work. We review IMPACT in the usual MFX style, which as you all know is basically just an hour of relentless Hulk Hogan jokes. Sir Ian becomes furious about the losers of the X-division and the way they’re somehow now all back in Title contention after being kicked out by Hogan last week. It was kind of a rubbish show with good wrestling, but we’re sure you’ll enjoy our review anyway!

Then it’s Final Resolution time. One of our listeners summed this PPV up perfectly as, “a big pile of meh.” Still, we somehow mine some comedy gold out of the show with our review.

We wrap the show up this week with our trademark review of Raw, covering all the big moments of the night. We plead the case of Dolph Ziggler and beg WWE to just give the guy a chance. Will they? Probably not. Plus we wrap up the show with a preview of the TLC PPV and give our predictions on the results of the final WWE PPV of the year.

Another long ass show folks but with so much wrestling to cover and SO many jokes to make, we just can’t help it! Be sure to make your vote in our end of year awards, seriously bitches, go do that NOW! Well, maybe listen to the show first, but DO IT and soon, closing date for votes is 18th December.

Always welcome feedback on the show and keep getting involved with MFX by leaving your thoughts on RAW, IMPACT on Facebook and if you’ve got shit you want the MFX podcast to MFX the fuck out of? Well, hell son, don’t just sit there, fire us an email mfx.show@gmail.com or a Tweet @MFXPodcast.

And remember, next week is the Xmas Special Edition of MFX! Time to get drunk, get pissed off and talk about wrestling with tenuous links to Christmas! Ho, ho, ho!

Enjoy the show.

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