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Warning…the following wrestling podcast contains comments of an adult nature. It will contain comments and opinions not suitable for younger children. It will also contain comments that other listeners will find offensive. Please don’t try this at home, work or in the shower…


FINALLY The MFX Podcast has come back to the airways! Sorry for the delay this week folks. Mother Nature was being a bitch to Scotland and kicked our arse with a huge storm and lengthy power cuts. Fear not though, Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps are back with a monster of a show that covers too much wrestling news, opinion and discussion to fit in here! Here’s the highlights of MFX this week:

Part 1 – Duckman and Sir Ian review WWE Monday Night Raw and all the major stories coming out of that show including Y2J’s return, the Kane/Cena feud and so much more!

Part 2 – We look at Brock Lesnar’s retirement from UFC and the hype that he may return to WWE. We discuss CM Punk walking Chael Sonnen to the cage in a couple of weeks on UFC on Fox 2. Plus we discuss the biggest story of 2012…well, all 6 days of it, Kevin Nash challenges the Ultimate Warrior to a shoot fight!

Part 3 – Duckman’s Total Nonstop Annoyance – non TNA fan Duckman looks at a recent edition of Impact as part of his new year wrestling resolution.

Part 4 – Epic interview by Duckman with Stu Rodgers of Wrestling’s Last Hope. Don’t be alarmed, this interview does involve a Scotsman talking to a man with a strong Birmingham accent. To all our US fans, yes, we are speaking English!

We cover Stu’s early wrestling memories, his favourite promotions and wrestlers. We talk about the evolution of Wrestling’s Last Hope from a newsletter to website. Plus we get all Stu’s opinions on indy wrestling in the UK with particular focus on the awesome sounding Fight Club Pro promotion! Plus Japanese wrestling, classic ECW, ROH, PWG and tons more covered. It’s a long interview but trust me, once you’ve heard it, you’ll have a true appreciation for how huge a wrestling fan Stu is and you will definitely learn a thing or two. Duckman certainly did!

Part 5 – Duckman and Sir Ian wrap up the show and talk their early wrestling memories plus Duckman looks at the awesome documentary – Memphis Heat.

A huge show with a ton of great stuff you’ve come to expect from MFX. Hope you guys enjoy the show and remember to leave plenty of feedback and get involved in next week’s show through email or Facebook!


Duckman, Sir Ian Trumps – The Marks for Xcellence.

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Break The Walls Down – Chris Jericho Theme
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3 thoughts on “MFX Show 3”

  1. Awesome, awesome shows guys. I’ll leave full feedy soon, but a quick comment on Brock Lesnar: my honest take is, seeing as he’s retired from fighting…just sign him on as a commentator. I thought he did a pretty good job on UFC on Fox, and I think having him for color might be an awesome idea.

  2. Part One: You would look like Ryder if you where being dragged into a hole, we all know what they do in hell with your pineapples and asses. Other then that WWE really has not been much of anything for me last week. I liked the Jericho thing, I would of enjoyed a little “Dance monkeys dance” comment at the end of it, but it worked, he got some of the fans booing him.

    Part Two: I said over on EFK that I really think that if WWE did a sports center type thing on the WWE network before each PPV with a few legends that Brock would be awesome at that, the same thing with UFC like Alex had said.

    Warrior vs Nash vs Sheik vs Ian, I’m all in for that. Sounds awesome.

    Part Three: I’m happy you did the TNA you did, because I have not gotten around to watching…or skimming, this weeks episode of TNA yet, I have a bad habit of just kind fast forwarding when something bores me, including matches up until the end. The show you did review was a pretty solid show. There just seems to be something off with TNA in my eyes, I’ll watch it but it’s still more out of habit more then me actually enjoying the product. Even when Daniels(Who is my favorite TNA wrestler) is on, he is just not used the way he should be and deserves to be that it puts me off from watching his matches.

    It goes down to something else that was said on EFK about Joe, he and Daniels both kinda just look like if they where not making the money they where in TNA they prob would be more then happy down in ROH, or any other Indy promotion being able to do whatever they want to do. I mean I ordered ROH Big Bang because it was The Fallen Angels return to the promotion, and they I was following it a bit after that and his heel turn and joining the House of Truth, that had so much potential and then he turned around and rejoined TNA.

    Part Four: A great interview, and I’m happy it was just Duckman and Stu, because my American brain might of exploded with Ian’s accent added to the other two. Like I said a great look at the show and can’t wait to see if yall get some other interviews on down the road.

    Part Five: I just wanted to say that I am Toby Bell, I forgot that it was the wrestler I was gonna efed under name when I created the e-mail account. But yes my first match I remember seeing was Razor vs Kid, but before then really all I remember is Hogan and Piper and really promo’s before then, the 80’s where just a blur of Promo bits and I can remember some great promos but match wise nothing until then.

    I might have to check out the Memphis Heat you where talking about also the Stone Cold one I have wanted to watch since I seen it was coming out.

    Great show guys, can’t wait till next weeks….oh and WOO WOO WOO…YOU KNOW IT!

  3. Loved the addition of the Guest. Because I am from near B’ham and have scottish friends, the chat had no effect on me lol

    Keep this up guys, you are starting to cover a broader spectrum, and its scary that most of your thoughts are similar to mine

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