MFX Show 32

MFX 32 – Honestly, it’s worth the wait.

Sorry for the late show this week folks.  It’s been a busy time with work schedules, snow storms and Duckman’s antique Scottish broadband breaking down for a day.  Fear not though MFX Galaxy, we won’t use all that as an excuse not to bring you another hilarious and occasionally insightful wrestling podcast.  Also, the show this week is REALLLLY long.  Like the Xmas Special long.  So that should make up for the lateness.

We kick the show off this week talking poker, for some strange reason.  But we kick things into a wrestling gear with a bit of news chat.  Not the boring news about wars and the NHS though, we’re talking wrestling news.  Duckman and Sir Ian discuss Mick Foley’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, Sir Ian explains why he thinks the WWE Hall of Fame is pointless and a bit of a waste of time.  We then talk recent WWE talent cuts…well one…and it’s a dude we’ve never heard of.  We then talk El Generico’s signing with WWE and TNA’s recent decision to cut back on their PPV schedule.  Lots of wrestling news topics discussed in a semi serious fashion.

Then it’s onto our review of Impact.  This is the go-home show for the Genesis PPV.  This isn’t nearly as serious as the first part of the show.  It’s full of the usual MFX goodness you’ve come to know and love when we review TNA.

A quick review of TNA’s Genesis PPV is up next.  Not a lot to the show but our review is damn entertaining.

Then we wrap things up with a review of Monday Night Raw’s 20th Anniversary show.  Sir Ian is convinced Josh Matthews is a hard hitting reporter, Duckman completely forgets this was a special anniversary show while watching it and for some reason we get into quite an in depth discussion about the WWE’s divas division.  Plus all the usual MFX style fun and frolics you’ve come to know and love.

Hopefully the show was worth the wait this week folks!  We should be back to our regular schedule next week.  As always we love to hear your feedback on the show, as well as anything else you’ve got to say about Impact, Raw or wrestling in general.  Get in touch through all the usual channels.

Thanks and enjoy the show.


The Bouncing Souls – Ole

Bowing for Soup – The Girl All The Bad Guys Want

Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight

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