MFX Show 33


MFX 33 – Is Taz black?

This week MFX is all about questions.  Questions like, is Taz black?  Why didn’t Nick and Linda show up at Brick’s wedding?  What would happen if they did?  Does everyone in the world want to touch Sir Ian Trumps?  Was that the worst John Cena promo of all time?  And just how often can we mention friend of the show Marc Abrigo during the review of RAW?  Considering he was front and centre at ringside and on TV more than Paul Heyman – a lot!  It’s a fun show this week folks, really fun.

Although we do kick off on a serious note as Duckman reviews the excellent documentary, ‘Last of McGuinness,’ by Nigel McGuinness.  It is a fantastic piece of film making and a must see for any wrestling fan.  It’s a look at what happened to Nigel when he was signed by WWE but then turned up weeks later in TNA, before disappearing from wrestling completely.

The documentary follows Nigel on his farewell tour but it is about so much more than just wrestling.  We all have a dream but what happens when we fail to achieve that dream?  Where do our lives go after that?  This documentary looks at that in detail and so many other issues surrounding wrestling including the serious health implications of blading, unprotected chair shots and is a look at the life of independent wrestlers.  It’s brilliant.  Go order it NOW!

Once we’ve got the heartfelt and serious stuff out the way it’s time for our review of IMPACT.  It’s the Brick Hogan and Bully Ray wedding show.  We give this the usual MFX treatment and turn car crash TV into comedy gold.  Plus Sir Ian details what Hulk Hogan’s first day at Impact might have been like.  As usual we wander off down random tangents with the usual hilarious consequences.

We wrap the show up this week with a review of WWE RAW.  This is the ‘go-home’ show for the Royal Rumble.  There’s beat the clock challenges, awesome CM Punk and Rock promos and more Marc Abrigo than it’s legal to consume in one sitting.  Oh and a promo from John Cena that a member of the MFX Galaxy called, “the worst promo I have heard in my entire life.”  This Raw review is so entertaining it should come with a government health warning to protect your funny bone.

As always we love to hear your feedback on the show, as well as anything else you’ve got to say about Impact, Raw or wrestling in general.  Get in touch through all the usual channels.

Thanks and enjoy the show.


Oasis – Fucking in the Bushes (Nigel McGuinness theme)

Billy Idol – White Wedding.

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