MFX Show 39


MFX39 – UTNSN meet MFX.

Holy crap someone put us on a network!  This week marks the first MFX Wrestling Podcast on the Universal Takeover Sports Network.  We’re selling out big time people, come join us!

For those of you listening for the first time, welcome to the MFX Galaxy!  Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps are here to serve you up a once in a week-time, gratuitously NSFW, vaguely entertaining look at the week in wrestling. This week the usual MFX treatment is dished out: brash, loud, from the UK and with dashes of riotous humour .

We’re talking Old School Raw, TNA IMPACT, the elusive WWE Network.  Oh and Sir Ian goes to the movies.  He reviews a wrestling movie…well…kind of a wrestling movie…it’s set in a ring…there’s a lot of sweating.   Caution:  Chyna present.  Yep…sorry!

So what are you all waiting for?  Stop reading this, get streaming, get downloading and get some MFX goodness inside you.  Come on, you know you want too.

The week in wrestling like you’ve never heard before.  Or so our Mom’s tell us.  What, you calling our Moms liars?  Just listen to the show.  Thank us later.

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Enjoy the show.


T P’au – China In Your Hand

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