MFX Show 4

Warning…the following wrestling podcast contains comments of an adult nature. It will contain comments and opinions not suitable for younger children. It will also contain comments that other listeners will find offensive. Please don’t try this at home, work or in the shower…

Welcome back everybody to the MFX Wrestling Podcast!! Check out our sexy new podcast page! Woo. Duckman, Sir Ian Trumps and the newest member of the MFX podcast Stu Rodgers bring you another weekly dose of the very best of pro wrestling discussion with a light hearted (utterly hilarious) twist!

Oh yeah, that’s right, MFX are proud to welcome Stu and his Indy Corner to the MFX Podcast as he and Duckman bring you the best indy wrestling chat you’ll find on these here interwebs.

So what’s on the show this week?

Part 1 – Duckman, Sir Ian Trumps and the MFX listeners give their thoughts on WWE Monday Night HUH? Kane/Cena/Ryder/Eve remake See No Evil Saved by the Bell style! Hall of Fame 2012 chat, Brodus Clay debut, Jericho and loads more!

Part 2 – TNA Genesis PPV reviewed by Duckman and Sir Ian. The night of horrendous finishes. Seriously, TNA, what the hell? Sir Ian still loves you, but come on!

Part 3 – Duckman and Sir Ian share their Royal Rumble memories ahead of the 25th annual PPV spectacular!

Part 4 – The Indy Corner with Stu Rodgers. On the debut Indy Corner Duckman and Stu bring you in depth coverage of EVOLVE 10 – the final wrestling show in the ECW arena. Plus loads of talk on the awesome Wrestle Reunion 2012 with discussion of the HUGE DGUSA, PWS and PWG shows that take place over the last weekend in January in LA!

You know what to do! Enjoy the show and as always we love to hear feedback on the show, plus any topics, questions and opinions you guys have! Be sure to like the MFX Facebook page and get involved in the MFX Revolution!!


Duckman, Sir Ian Trumps and Stu Rodgers – The Marks For Xcellence.

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Somebody Call My Mamma – Brodus Clay Theme
Dancing on The Ceiling – Lionel Richie and D’Von’s Kids.

  • AlBlack

    Ok, I am here for my weekly review of the MFX podcast.

    Part One-Honestly, I don’t think RAW was all that bad last week, it was sorta cheesy and I know what they are going for, there trying to make it seem like the old Undertaker/Kane days where they where more like comic book chars.

    Brodus Clay for me was a shocker, and honestly I was not expecting to come out of it actually enjoying it like I did.

    Jericho was pretty good, he went from Smiles McJericho to Boohoo McJericho, I think the crowed has no clue how to react to the whole situation, to its pretty awesome to see Jericho pretty much telling them to eff off, and they just keep cheering him.

    The last scene of the night I enjoyed, I think it should of lead to more this week, but you’ll get into that on this weeks episode.

    Part Two-It was ok for what it was, I’m not jumping up and down for joy over it, and it wont rank in the ten best PPV’s of the year, and your right about over half the finishes they where horrid. Also want to mention good on TNA for not doing any open chair shots during there Bully Rey/Abyss match.

    Part Three-I want to mention one of my favorite moments in the rumble, and for the life of me I can’t remember which rumble it was, but Foley came out three times, Once as Mankind, Once as Cactus Jack, and once as Dude Love. It was pretty entertaining.

    Part Four-The Indy Corner, I liked the segment. I enjoy hearing about indy wrestling and wish I could go to some of the shows. I had posted something about the Wrestlereunion on EFK a couple weeks ago, and a couple things you did not touch where alot of the matches on the second card for the Pro Wrestling Superstars Event.

    Colt Cabana vs Fit Finlay, Kevin Steen vs Tommy Dreamer LA Street Fight, Steiners vs New Age Outlaws with Foley as Special Enforcer. Also The Man Scout takes on The Fallen Angel.

    I wrote up a small thing and posted it on facebook and twitter about the ECW Arena, and it is a sad time for Indy Wrestling and Hardcore Wrestling, hopefully it won’t be the last time, but from everything I have read it is very unlikely they will have another wrestling show there.

    Well that’s all I got this week, can’t wait for the next show.

  • AlexK

    Funk is on a roll, and so is the Marks For Xcellence podcast.

    I have to admit, I don’t watch as much WWE as I used to (and I don’t watch TNA at all at the moment…nothing to do with the shows themselves, just how my schedule pans out), so I get a kick out of hearing what went down. I’m a fairly big fan of Ryder because of his YouTube show, but I’m torn on how he’s been pushed (especially since it’s all gone down the crapper lately).

    I haven’t watched too many Rumbles either, but I saw the 2001 Rumble where Kane eliminated 11 guys I think, before finally being eliminated by Stone Cold. Brilliant. I also loved the comedy “feel good” moment from last year where Santino thought he’d won.

    Now, as for the Indy Corner…I for one am looking forward to WrestleReunion weekend. In fact, I have my ticket for the Dragon Gate USA show on the 27th and the PWG show on the 29th. Hearing about these shows on the podcast made me all the more stoked, it’s gonna be fun.

    Thanks for yet another awesome episode, guys.