MFX Show 41

MFX41 – Raw is Snore.

The show was a day late last week so this week we thought – let’s get the show up a few hours early for those wonderful people in the MFX Galaxy!  So that’s just what we’ve done.  We know, we’re too good to you people.

We kick the show off this week with some discussion on Scott Hall and wrestling fans donating $80,000 to him.  Is it the right thing to do?  MFX aren’t totally convinced it is.  We lighten the mood with a chat about Vince McMahon challenging Dana White to a fight a few years ago.  Plus Duckman and Sir Ian lament how old they are getting and awesome 80s movies.

Then it’s time for our usual review of IMPACT.  We talk Brick Hogan’s breakdown, AJ Styles makes his hobo looking return to IMPACT.  We can’t get enough of Todd (Milf Hunter) Keneley’s history as a bouncer and of course, Hogan rips Sting a new one and MFX salute the whole thing.  Duckman laughs so much during this review he nearly has to leave the room.  So much fun and laughter to be had.  Oh and IMPACT was  a great show too!

Unfortunately the show falls of a cliff with our review of RAW from this week.  It was one of the most boring shows we’ve seen in some time.  The road to Wrestlemania is crumbling people and even MFX can’t find much funny from the show this week.  Well, we do talk about Brad Maddox milking HHH but that’s a whole other story!

As always, we bring you tons of laughter, a little bit of insight and the most entertaining wrestling podcast on these here interwebs.

Thanks for listening and be sure to get involved with future shows through all the usual channels.

Enjoy the show.