MFX Show 42


Well folks it’s that time of the week once again.  The most entertaining wrestling podcast on the net is back for another episode that is almost too awesome to describe.  It’s MFX42 and this week Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps are in fine form.  Actually they’re both ill and not exactly loving WWE at the moment, but that doesn’t stop them from bringing you another three hours of fun, laughter, salty language and tiny nuggets of insight into the world of WWE and TNA.

The show kicks off this week with an update on Sir Ian’s recent trip to the hospital, we then talk Arnie inducting Bruno into the WWE Hall of Fame, plus Fallon Fox vs. Hulk Hogan, Bully Ray’s recent troubles with the use of a certain word (we call cigarettes this in the UK) and we mourn Chyna’s latest career move.  Oh and a couple of MFX Galaxy members get their nicknames – sorry lads!  Plenty of laughs to be had with all of this.

Then it’s onto IMPACT and we give the show a MFX thumbs up.  Especially for the excellent videos TNA put together to explain the Aces and Eights storyline.  We also ponder Chavo insurance, as well as DOC’s fun times babysitting Garrett and Wes.  We continue to worship at the Church of Taz.  Plus all the usual Brick and Hulk Hogan jokes that make up about 75% of the review.  IMPACT was good this week and so is this review.

We wrap the show up with a RAW review that starts of kind of boring, then goes into total meltdown with Duckman and Sir Ian questioning if they should even be watching WWE anymore, before we throw the script out the window and bring the funny as hard as we possibly can.  It’s a slight train wreck of a review, but an entertaining one nonetheless.

As always be sure to get in touch with MFX through all the usual channels and be sure to spread the word about MFX.

Enjoy the show.