MFX Show 43

MFX43 – “In The Club We Call Him Bitch” plus Wrestlemania n’ stuff.

Well MFX Galaxy it’s that time of the week once again.  Time to stop watching Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.  Put down that Xbox controller and stop listening to whatever music you’re listening to.  There’s a wrestling podcast here that requires your full attention.  It’s MFX43, the final MFX before Wrestlemania and we’ve got the grand daddy of them all right here!

We kick the show off with some discussion on the sad news about Reid Flair’s passing.  One listener to the show emailed us with a controversial opinion on the tragedy which we discuss.  We lighten the mood by making fun of Shane Douglas and Extreme Rising for a while.  If it’s good enough for Stevie Richards and Danny Doring, it’s good enough for MFX.  Plus we discuss a few other random topics of wrestling news that I’m sure will keep you all thoroughly entertained.

Then it’s time for our review of IMPACT.  Another decent show from TNA, in front of a hot crowd and Taryn Terrell is in the hottest wrestling gear we’ve ever seen.   We probably spend too long talking about that.  There’s all the usual Hulk Hogan jokes and Chavo hate that you’ve come to know and love from MFX.  Another fun review of a fun wrestling show.

We then turn our attention to WWE and the final RAW before Wrestlemania.  It wasn’t a great show, it wasn’t a terrible show.  It was just a bit of a nothing show, with a horrible final angle which left Sir Ian foaming at the mouth with fury!  Once RAW is dealt with we give a full preview and predictions for Wrestlemania 29.

It’s a bumper show this week folks, packed full of wrestling discussion, crude and childish humour, plus a few nuggets of insight that you will probably ignore.

Next week it’s Wrestlemania 29 so why not get ready for the biggest show of the year with the most entertaining and downright hilarious wrestling podcast around?  The week in WWE and TNA gets the full MFX treatment.  You’re welcome!

As always, thanks for listening, be sure to get in touch with the show through all the usual channels and enjoy Wrestlemania!