MFX Show 48

MFX48 – Stop.  Hammer time.

Hold onto your hats people – it’s MFX time!!  That’s right folks, Duckman and Sir Ian are back with the ONLY wrestling podcast that guarantees to bring you laughter, tears and thought provoking discussions on the major social and political issues of the day.  Ok, we know; you’re only here for the jokes.  Lucky for you we’ve got tons of them this week!

We kick the show off with our usual random chat about the week.  Duckman went fishing, Sir Ian got a promotion, Scotty Too Hotty became a fireman.  We also plug a new wrestling related project and Duckman buries more stupid wrestling ‘news’ from stupid wrestling ‘news’ sites .

It’s the IMPACT review next.  Rampage Jackson makes his TNA debut.  Yet TNA seem more focused on hammers and weird love triangles involving Hulk, Brick and Bully.  At least you have Duckman and Sir Ian to talk you through what was, to quote Sir Ian, “apparently a wrestling show.”

We wrap the show up with our RAW review.  We love Daniel Bryan.  You love Daniel Bryan.  Everyone loves Daniel Bryan.  We have far too much fun ripping on the segments on RAW this week.  Plus there’s all the usual MFX tangents and nonsense you’ve come to know and love when we review RAW.

So send the kids to bed, turn the lights down low, relax and let MFX inside you.  Sure, we’re long and packed full of meaty comedy about wrestling but you can handle it.  Trust us.  Just breathe and we’ll do the rest.

As always, be sure to get involved with the show through all the usual channels.  Thanks for listening and enjoy the show.


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MC Hammer – Can’t Touch This.