MFX Show 50

MFX50 – Shroomgate, Knucklehead and more.

MFX Galaxy it’s time to put on your party frocks, take a couple of shots of whiskey, and rock out – it’s MFX 50!  Five hours of the most pant wettingly funny wrestling podcast you’ll find anywhere on these here interwebs.

Our heroes kick off the show with news on Sir Ian’s birthday, plus some wrestling news, before we delve back into the past of Duckman.  It’s time for Shroomgate people.  Get ready to have your minds blown…or at least get ready to giggle.

Another poor episode of IMPACT is given the usual MFX treatment.  Doc vs. Anderson for the Aces and Eight VP spot in a presidential style race is a particular highlight.

RAW is Bryan.  An eventful , if little disjointed episode of RAW is another fun filled ride through Vince’s zany show.  You guys know how we do this by now.

Finally our heroes reach their biggest challenge to date – to review WWE’s movie Knucklehead, starring the Big Show.  You voted for this MFX Galaxy, so you’ve only got yourselves to blame.  Actually the review is a lot of fun, it’s in our usual style and wouldn’t you know it – Knucklehead becomes entertaining…somehow.

It’s a special show for us this week folks.  Would love to hear some feedback on the show, hell even some of your own highlights of the past 50 shows.  Thanks for all the support over the past 50 shows and here’s to 50 more!


Just Dropped In – Kenny Rodgers and First Edition.

Woke Up This Morning – Alabama 3

Scotty Doesn’t Know – Lustra