MFX Show 52

MFX52 – If It’s Bo – We Wyatt

The sun is shining, British sporting triumph keeps on coming and to make it all the sweeter – MFX is back! For some reason Duckman’s mic was a bit rubbish in the show opening and the IMPACT review but we fixed it for the RAW review – hopefully it’s not too annoying for you all.

Join your heroes as they open the show with some chat about Andy Murray, The British Lions and UFC162. Plus they discuss your ideas for MFX merchandise and slogans. They pay tribute to four anniversaries of major events in wrestling history.
Then it’s on to IMPACT. Quite a fun show this week with the best match of the week in the main event. Gut Check is ripped a new one. There’s singing, there’s impressions, there’s loads of jokes about ill fitting suits and Jeff Hardy has a breakdown!

They wrap the show up this week with the usual MFX review of RAW. It was Vickie’s Gut Check and The Wyatt Family’s debut. One was awesome, the other involved a middle aged woman climbing a ladder and being annoying. As always there’s singing, there’s impressions and loads of jokes. You know what we do.

As always, thanks for listening and be sure to get in touch with MFX through all the usual channels.

Enjoy the show.

The Lex Express Rap – Randy Savage and Men on a Mission
The Brood’s Theme