MFX Show 53

MFX53 – In Doc We Trust – GAWD-BYE!

Sad times at the MFX studios this week folks, as news broke that DOC of Aces and Eights has been released by TNA. This is a dark day for MFX – mainly because that’s 30% of our jokes during IMPACT gone! Doc, you may be gone, but you will not be forgotten by MFX. We can only hope someone else takes as good care of The Nerd Patrol as you did.

That shocking news aside your heroes of MFX have got another packed show for you this week. They kick things off with all the news on TNA’s latest cuts, as well as a chat about the leaks of WWE PPV results. Sir Ian has an interesting take on who might be behind it. We finish off the show opening with some truly hilarious news about a photo op with a former WWE diva.

Then it’s on to IMPACT (which we recorded before the news of the latest cuts broke) which sees the debut of the MFX ‘try hard ruler of the week award’ as well as all the usual MFX fun and games.

Of course we review Money In the Bank and RAW. The RAW review was ridiculous this week – it must be the heat wave that caused it. HHH’s new nemesis appears on the scene and you can be sure his secret life with Brad Maddox will never be the same again!

As always thanks for listening, enjoy the show – oh AND BUY SOME MERCH!

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