MFX Show 58

MFX58 – Bye Bye Brick Hogan, Our Guy.

We thought when TNA let DOC go that 40% of our jokes on the IMPACT review had gone. Well, say goodbye to the other 60% because TNA released Brick Hogan. What a tragedy. In honour of Brick’s memory, every song on the show this week will be in tribute to Brick. She’s gone, but never forgotten.

It’s MFX58 folks and while our hearts may be broken at the loss of Brick, there’s still plenty to love about MFX this week. Join your heroes as they traverse the week in WWE and TNA as only they can.

They kick the show off this week with talk about the loss of Brick. There’s all your feedback, emails and other comments. We hear about Sir Ian’s night clubbing, which didn’t go well. Duckman shares a report on Ric Flair getting drunk off his ass and high jacking a Q and A session for the new WWE 2K14 game. Plus they find out why Christian doesn’t like blue dots.

It’s time for the IMPACT review. The show was Hardcore Justice. The matches were good. The segments and storylines…not so much. Story of the last six months in TNA really. The review is fun, Chris Sabin Man-Child is back and there’s plenty of other gigglesome moments for you to enjoy.

Summerslam review is so much fun. A great show, with great matches and a Ryback skit that could spell the end of Ryback’s friendship with Nee Nor!

They wrap the show up this week with a review of Monday Night Raw. It’s a fun show, with some interesting discussion on the future storylines in WWE. Then Ryback appears in a shower skit and the whole show goes to hell!

As always, thanks for listening and enjoy the show!

Bye Bye Brick Hogan, Our Guy – Sir Ian Trumps/Jeff Nero Hardy
Another brick in the wall – Pink Floyd
Brick by boring brick – Paramore
Brick – Ben Folds Five