MFX Show 6

Warning…the following wrestling podcast contains comments of an adult nature. It will contain comments and opinions not suitable for younger children. It will also contain comments that other listeners will find offensive. Please don’t try this at home, work or in the shower…

MFX 6 is here! What more is there to say? The most fun you can have over a couple of hours while keeping your clothes on. Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps are back for another week of WWE and TNA chat. Plus The Indy Corner with Stu Rodgers returns with all the best comment and opinion on the big indy news of the week.!!

We’ve also got another great interview on The Indy Corner this week as we chat to Abbas Rezazadeh one of the guys behind New Scene Wrestling who have a huge show Extreme Limits coming up on 3rd February in Birmingham, UK, more on that later!

So what’s on the show this week?

Part 1 – Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps review the go home Monday Night Raw for the Royal Rumble (or Brokenback Mountain as it shall forever be known) in their own inimitable fashion. Lots of laughs and lots of confusion over WWE’s general direction heading into the Rumble.

Part 2 – Impact Wrestling from 19th January is reviewed and we’re shocked to admit that TNA is kicking WWE’s arse in terms of booking and logic…yeah, we know…shocking. Don’t believe us? You better listen to the review! Oh and be sure to enjoy Sir Ian’s ‘senior moment’ when the name of his least favourite TNA wrestler vanishes from his brain. The wrestler in question is so not over Sir Ian actual forgot he existed for a moment!

Part 3 – Royal Rumble preview and predictions. Duckman and Sir Ian wrap up the MFX segment of the show with a look at their favourite WWE PPV of the year.

The Indy Corner :

Duckman and Stu take a look at all the fallout from ROH Homecoming show and the invasion of Chikara!

Abbas Rezazadeh joins Duckman and Stu to talk all things New Scene Wrestling. We talk about how Abbas got his start in wrestling, his move from in-ring to promotion, lots of chat about top UK wrestling talent and loads more in between.

Of course we discuss Extreme Limits in depth and the appearance on that show of TNA superstar Matt Morgan. A really interesting interview with one of the guys who is making great strides in the UK wrestling scene. New Scene Wrestling – a promotion to watch in 2012!

So what the hell are you waiting for? Another wrestling podcast to finish? Screw that, it’s The Marks for Xcellence – nobody does it better!

Enjoy the show and please do leave feedback here, if you want to get involved in the show drop us an email at mfx.show@gmail.com and be sure to get involved over at our Facebook page!


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  • dramaqueen

    So far I have listened to the Raw review and well, I ‘m glad I didn’t stay up to watch it. I am a little bit into the TNA review and even though it sounds much better, I don’t think I can bring myself to start watching again anytime soon. In fact you guys might be saving me the bother of watching for a long time to come…lol. (Though I’ll be watching tomorrow’s Raw for a change to hear what our Rumble winner has to say 😉 )

    I actually share a lot of your concerns about the overbooking of the Punk angle, and the killing of wrestler’s heat such as Miz and Punk (and Ryder except I never did watch that youtube show, so I was never into him to begin with). I wish Truth was getting better heat because I really enjoy him now. You guys came up with some gems though which kept me entertained, but yeah you seem to have nailed some of my concerns right on the head.

    Looking forward to hearing your Rumble predictions and seeing how off the mark you both were 😉