MFX Show 60

MFX60 – Who The F**K Is Allen Jones?

Batten down the hatches, pour yourself a drink, light one up, sit back and relax as the single most entertaining wrestling podcast on the internet returns for another week. That’s right you luck people – MFX IS BACK!

Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week in WWE and TNA as only they can – with tons of jokes and plenty of salty language.

They kick the show off this week by talking about transfer deadline day, movies, Duckman’s nephew, new MFX merch. So pretty much anything apart from wrestling. Don’t worry though, there’s some of that too as they discuss AJ Styles contract renewal with TNA. Plus they discuss the possibility of Goldberg and Sting appearing at Wrestlemania 30.

Then it’s on to IMPACT. This show sucked. Seriously, it was terrible. Well the matches were great, but the rest was horrible. The review is the complete opposite. We find out who Allen Jones is and why AJ Style would make a terrible Batman. Oh and they openly mock the messed up Bound for Glory Series and Hulk Hogan’s rambling promo that they built the whole show around. A terrible show.

At least they enjoyed RAW. In fact they positively loved the show. Loads of talk about the Bryan/Orton/HHH/Big Show angles, as well as lots of time to make fun of boring Curtis Axel, Ryback and of course Nee Nor.

This is the last MFX for a week as Sir Ian is away on business next week, but don’t worry, this show is so great it’ll keep you going for two weeks.

As always, thanks for listening, get involved with future shows through the usual channels. AND BUY A T-SHIRT!

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