MFX Show 62

MFX62 – We Go Beyond The Bell.

Normally we do a big intro here, but most of you don’t read it and this show stands on its own merits. It doesn’t need any more hype than this:

Drunk Marc Abrigo fights back. Skelly fails with an email. The MFX Galaxy are once again forced into buying merchandise. Duckman steps into the world of Total Divas. Sir Ian reviews the autobiography of Screech from Saved By The Bell…and that’s just the show opening.

IMPACT is reviewed early on a Sunday morning, which results in unrelenting hilarity and great energy. Then Dixie Carter vs. AJ Styles work/shoot rubbish happens and we give up on TNA. Sir Ian is broken. Officially.

Time for RAW – The Shield vs. The World, more of Miz’s Dad, JBL and Big Show exchange texts about beating up Miz, Gameboy returns and Ryback annoys CM Punk. One of our most fun reviews of RAW in a long time.

See, such little hype. So dive in yourself. Join Sir Ian and Duckman as we traverse the week in wrestling. No one does this like us. Mainly because they’re non smarky, professional people and we’re two idiots who spend too much time laughing about childish rubbish.

Thanks for listening. Be sure to get involved in next week’s show through all the usual channels. Oh and BUY SOME MERCH!!


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The Libertines – Can’t Stand Me Now