MFX Show 7

Warning…the following wrestling podcast contains comments of an adult nature. It will contain comments and opinions not suitable for younger children. It will also contain comments that other listeners will find offensive. Please don’t try this at home, work or in the shower…

MFX 7 is here! It’s a huge show and one of the best yet, if we do say so ourselves! Oh and for anyone wondering if they hear a heater in the background, you do. It’s freezing in Scotland right now, sue me!

Anyway, what can you expect on MFX this week? All this and more:

Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps review the disappointing WWE Royal Rumble PPV. Not the best start on the road to Wrestlemania for the MFXers. Hilarity ensues.

The post Rumble Monday Night Raw is covered and we talk all the big moments from that show. We learn from Sir Ian that Kane is both an 8 hour plane ride and the Eli Manning of WWE. What the hell are we talking about? You’ll have to listen to the show to find out.

MFX wraps up with Duckman and Sir Ian discussing Chyna’s twitter meltdown, Hulk Hogan joining Metallica and the Natalya farting gimmick on Smackdown. Nothing but the most important wrestling stories of the week for MFX.

Then again if WWE isn’t your thing and you’re here for indy wrestling discussion and interviews at their best then hit 2 hours and 9 seconds – that’s when the Indy Corner drops and holy crap do Duckman and Stu have a loaded show for you!

We discuss DGUSA and PWG’s Wrestle Reunion weekend shows thanks to some great reports from our man at both shows, Alex K of the Occupy Pro Wrestling movement. We talk Fight Club Pro Resolution 2012 that took place last weekend. We look at MK McKinnan being announced to take part in CZW’s Best of the Best Tournament. Plus a little chat about ROH’s big 10th anniversary show and the decade of honour.

If that’s not enough Duckman had the privilege to sit down with top UK star Lionheart to talk his career, his appearance in WWE and TNA, we talk his matches with some of the biggest names on the UK and international indy scene. This is a really great interview guys and you should go out of your way to check it out. When the man is kicking arse in WWE or TNA you will be able to say you heard him talking about it on the Indy Corner!

So if that hasn’t convinced you to listen, we don’t know what will! Remember to get involved on our Facebook page, you can also email the show and get involved on future MFX podcasts.

Thanks and enjoy the show!

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  • AlBlack


    Part One-Rumble

    Ok I am back this week with my long feedback, just cause you know you love me and all my Ryder loven.

    First Part Royal Rumble, I have to completely agree, the Rumble match itself was complete shit.

    I do like that they did the surprise winner with Sheamus. Hacksaw was the first Rumble winner, just a small correction. I am so happy I did not have the money to pay for it this week.

    I think the spot at the first match was indeed a mistake but hell Daniel Bryan is still champ lol.

    Oh and you forgot about biggest come back of the night for the Rumble match… The Great Khali…oh yeah we don’t care about him never mind carry on.

    Part Two-Monday Night RAW.

    I enjoyed RAW as a whole, big shocker at the end and really sets up for us to still have Johnny Ace.

    The opening segment was pretty good, I just want old CM Punk back but they did get me excited to see ROH on WWE with CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan.

    Orton vs Mr Ziggles was ok, I wish they might of had something happened where Ziggler got the win, but oh it’s Orton we’ll be pushing him over everyone else.

    I some how missed the Regal/Johnny Ace backstage so I will right away go to youtube and try to find it.

    Clay defeating the final member of the Midcard Mafia in a match that I have FINALLY decided I just don’t care, and just like Ian has said I just enjoy it for the song, with that being said I can find that on youtube as well. Speaking of the dancer I just realized one was the first chick who got eliminated from Tough Enough and the other was one of the NXT women wrestlers…but I STILL don’t care lol.

    Bryan vs Punk was heaven and I loved the handshake, I would of loved it to be longer but hell it’s WWE we are lucky we are getting wrestling. Jericho coming out and attacking Bryan first and them ACTUALLY going by the rules and having Bryan win the match by DQ was great.

    I actually liked Truth on commentary, the match was just meh it should of been better. You mentioned Kofi being in the match and beating Miz cause he had to deal with Bourne, I commented to someone that I thought that was the whole reason he was in the Elimination Chamber match was an apology for loosing the tag titles.


    I have to say I was shocked with Taker at the end and the whole segment all and all was one of the best.

    Part Three-Rocking and Ranting

    I use to be high on Chyna but now it’s just so very sad.

    I facepalm every time a new article about Hogan comes out.

    The Indy Corner

    I have really been enjoying the Indy Corner and I am completely amazed by the interviews you guys are able to get on here, and Keep enjoying all the Indy news, and good job getting Steen makes me wonder if there is a possible Steen interview in the future.

    The Lionheart interview was awesome and I’ll have to keep an eye out for him.

    Well guys awesome awesome show can’t wait for next week.

  • dramaqueen

    I honestly think the E are being DELIBERATELY cheesy with Cena, and are not actually trying to convert people to liking him. That’s my take, I can’t believe they are THAT stupid.

    Hah! I had no idea I was doing the five knuckle shuffle all these years! As for Kane’s smothery stinkpalmy type finisher, I like it. WWE can’t be threading on egg-shells forever and I was always a big fan of the Mandible Claw before they wrapped it in a sock.

    I did not care for the Cena/Kane match, it seemed to lack the emotion that the storyline is clearly aiming for. Cena’s cheesy looks were anything but hate-embracing.

    Totally agree about the Punk/Ziggler match. There was way to much going on outside of the match. I feel bad for Dolph who’s counter of the GTS was the best move of the night, seemed to be an afterthought once more.

    The Royal Rumble is ALWAYS an annual indicator of the level of talent in the company. And yeah it’s clearly thin at the moment.

    You guys have pretty much listed my highlights… sockbra, Ricardo and Kharma.

    And if you think it was bad the amount of jobbers involved, it would have been twice as bad if you were in a pool. I was watching with friends, six of us chipped in, five chances to win… and I got Riley, Epico, Hunico, Duggan and Uso!

    Sheamus winning somewhat saved it for me though, I’ve become a big fan of his despite some of the ridiculous things creative throw in there (Great White instead of Celtic Warrior? Really? BROGUE kick? love the move, hate the name, but anyway)

    Well that’s it for me tonight, will listen to the Raw review tomorrow with much curiousity because it did not do much for me at all… though I think I was half asleep watching it though, to be fair.