MFX Show 8

Warning…the following wrestling podcast contains comments of an adult nature. It will contain comments and opinions not suitable for younger children. It will also contain comments that other listeners will find offensive. Please don’t try this at home, work or in the shower…

If you can think of a better way to start your weekend than with the Marks for Xcellence Wrestling podcast, well, you’re a better man than I!

MFX 8 is here and we’ve got the very best pro wrestling discussion, comment, news, reviews and interviews for you lucky, luck people! So what’s on the show this week?

Duckman and Sir Ian review WWE Raw is Video Package and TNA Impact from London in their own inimitable fashion. Plenty of laughs and we learn how Sir Ian’s horrendous taste in music could actually save the Cena/Kane/Eve crap triangle of crap! Plus we answer listener mail as well as discuss the ridiculous ‘blame Miz’ campaign that is sweeping WWE!

If WWE and TNA isn’t your think they you need to hit the 1 hour 55 second mark when Duckman and Stu Rodgers welcome you to The Indy Corner. We discuss DGUSA/ROH and Stu reviews New Scene Wrestling’s Xtreme Limits show he attended last weekend.

Then it’s the crown jewel of the MFX podcast this week – Duckman and Stu sit down for an hour with the current Chikara Grand Champion Eddie Kingston to talk his career, wrestling in general and SO much more!! I’m not going to give away too much, just listen to this interview with Eddie and thank us later! It’s that damn good.

So what are you guys waiting for? It’s the weekend! It’s MFX 8! It’s Eddie Kingston!!! Get listening now!

Remember to get involved in the show via email or at the Facebook page. We’re always keen to hear from you guys!

Thanks and enjoy the show…

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Johnny Cash – God Will Cut You Down