MFX Show 9

Warning…the following wrestling podcast contains comments of an adult nature. It will contain comments and opinions not suitable for younger children. It will also contain comments that other listeners will find offensive. Please don’t try this at home, work or in the shower…

MFX 9 is here and damn do we have a packed show for you guys! Of course we have all the usual WWE/TNA reviews and comments from Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps on the MFX side of the show. This week’s show though sees one of the most difficult, controversial and to be honest, embarrassing Indy Corner’s in history.

And it’s all thanks to one man – ‘The Baby Jesus of British Wrestling’ Rockstar Spud. His interview is one you don’t want to miss and we’ll let the listeners of MFX decide what they think about Spud, his attitude and behaviour on the show. We’ve got one word for it – diva.

But before all that join Duckman and Sir Ian as they review the go home Monday Night Raw before the Elimination Chamber. It’s a frigging riot from beginning to end as we look at one of the worst/best episodes of Raw in a long time!

Duckman missed TNA Against All Odds but luckily Sir Ian is on hand to give us the low down on the show. If he can stay awake long enough that is!

Finally MFX wraps up with a discussion on Vince Russo leaving TNA, we cover listeners suggestions for the ‘Blame Miz’ phenomenon that is taking over the world, plus Sir Ian gets very excited at the prospect of Chyna’s new porn movie…I know, don’t ask.

The Indy Corner kicks off at 1 hour 54 seconds and as well as Rockstar Spud’s interview on the Indy Corner this week Duckman and Stu also talk CZW Best of the Best Tournament, Fight Club Pro and Ring of Honor.

It’s a packed, funny, controversial, awkward and downright entertaining show this week folks. Check it out and be sure to get involved on Facebook, Twitter and via email!

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Set list:

Saved By The Bell Theme
Slash and Burn – Manic Street Preachers
Living on a Prayer – Bon Jovi
No One Knows – Queens of the Stone Age

  • Man, I don’t blame you guys for being shaken up after the Spud thing, that was pretty intense.

    I don’t know what the whole deal was with him flipping out and all, but yeah, I’d agree, Diva-ish behaviour. Plus he once nearly kicked a FWA DVD into my groin so fuck it, I’m siding with you guys on principle.

    • Also, now that I’ve actually finished the show, enjoyed it lots. Good listen. Spud interview was a cool listen untill he flipped out. 2 Thumbs up.