MFX Show 1

Welcome one and welcome all to the first edition of a new weekly podcast on all things professional wrestling!

This is the Marks for Xcellence (MFX) Podcast, presented by Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps!  Two opinionated and pretty damn awesome wrestling fans who are here to bring you the very best in pro wrestling podcasting!

Each week we bring you a mix of wrestling news, reviews, opinions and discussion.  Always open to listener interaction MFX will bring the fun back to wrestling podcasts!

In our first episode we review WWE TLC PPV.  As well as look at the latest WWE Monday Night Raw Show.  We also have our end of year awards, looking back at the best and worst of professional wrestling in 2011.

So if you’re looking for interesting opinion and discussion, mixed with a humours look at the world of professional wrestling and just a downright good listen – then the MFX Wrestling Podcast is the place for you!

So join us as the very 1st MFX Wrestling Podcast hits the airways, enjoy the show and please leave feedback in the comments section.

You can contact the show via email at mfx.show@gmail.com


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4 thoughts on “MFX Show 1”

  1. I enjoyed listening to this, but

    For the most of it it felt like a WWE review. Towards the end, it picked up and touched on other promotions, but not enough.

    A great listen, but I feel that what you said was already what everyone was thinking (WWE wise)

    Personally I would like to hear more of other promotions because I know you have an opinion on them

  2. Lol, thanks Al! I knew they were related somehow!

    Cheers for the comments Blade. This show was WWE heavy but that won’t be the case moving forward.

    Expect reviews of ROH Final Battle and NJPW Wrestle Kingdom show on the next show.

    As well as anything else you guy want to hear us comment on.

    Remember can send stuff through twitter @WLHDuckman and email to mfx.show@gmail.com

    Thanks for the early comments guys, much appreciated!!



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