MFX103 – The Inv-ASIAN Episode, Part 1.

It’s MFX, but not as you know it. With Sir Ian Trumps off the grid for a few more weeks, Duckman got bored and called his number one emergency contact and begged him to spend an hour talking to him. Turns out friend of the show Marc Abrigo had nothing better to do with his time, so he’s here to make you laugh your asses off and stop Duckman from going insane through boredom.

Duckman explains some changes coming to the MFX website. Abrigo has had the greatest holiday of his life. It involved 2000 women, a cruise ship and a 90s boy-band and Marc has all the details to share with you guys. The lads also discuss Halloween, new Marvel movies and the Ebola outbreak. It’s a fun show that will hopefully tide you guys over until Sir Ian is back in the MFX studio.

This is the first part of the show with Marc. The second half will be posted at the weekend. Thanks for listening and be sure to get involved with the show through all the usual channels.