MFX109 – Merry MFX-Mas

Merry Christmas everyone!  It’s the final MFX show of 2014 and Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps bring you the kind of Christmas show that will make you hate humanity and Christmas.  What?  You were expecting something else?

Sir Ian explains all about his recent Christmas parties and his wholly inappropriate Christmas jumper.  Duckman is visited by his nephew and is basically beaten half to death and run ragged for 48 hours.

They discuss some of the horrors of the world, the way people react to them and Duckman pays tribute to the people of Glasgow who once again have suffered tragedy so close to Christmas.  Don’t worry, things get much happier as the lads share the highlights from the past year from the MFX Galaxy.  You guys rock.

The Sony hack is discussed again, with Sir Ian giving his theory on what’s really going on.  Duckman tries to infuriate Sir Ian with relentless Christmas cracker jokes, and he succeeds!  Plus the lads discuss the things that annoy them the most about Christmas.

Thanks to everyone who has listened to the show throughout the year.  This has been a great year for MFX and we’re thankful for all the time you’ve spent listening to us and all the contributions you’ve made to help make the show what it is.  We hope you guys have a great Christmas and New Year.