MFX111 – Respect The Chegg

Sir Ian survives a near death experience and the first thing he does is hit the MFX studio – that’s devotion for you!  On the show this week…

With Sir Ian alive and kicking, he fills Duckman in on all the latest news from Celebrity Big Brother (as Duckman has never watched it).  This leads the lads to agree they hate Kavana and love Keith Chegwin.

They answer all your emails, which takes them down tons of fun tangents.  There’s Royal Rumble predictions and WWE chat.  Duckman updates Sir Ian on former WWE diva Sunny’s new career as a fat, nude, Skype horror show.  Plus the lads talk the latest ICW documentary, Insane Fight Club 2.

They discuss some weird news stories of the week, including a woman who invoiced a kid for missing her son’s birthday party and The Sun trolling the world over Page 3.  And of course, the show is wrapped up with another Try Hard Ruler of the Week Award, as nominated by you – the MFX Galaxy!

It’s a cracking show and thankfully Sir Ian is still alive to take part in it!  As always, thanks for listening.  Go join the forums, buy some merch and get in touch with the show through all the usual channels.