MFX114 – One Man and his Dolphin

The only podcast that Kanye West is happy to see beat Beyoncé to an award is back for another week!  Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week in this weird world we live in.  On the show this week…

Duckman experiences the wonders of Glasgow’s buskers.  Sir Ian and his wife attend a bird sanctuary and meet Natural Trust hippies that freak Sir Ian out.  Plus they stumble upon a pigeon immigration issue that divides the bird population.

All your emails are answered.  The lads talk the recent Premier League football TV deal and what it means to the game in general and whether or not the Premier League should share their wealth with the rest of football.

Seth Rollins’ cock gets a lot of coverage this week.  And the question of whether or not dick pictures are a good idea is answered.  The answer is no, they’re not a good idea.  Plus UKIP: The First 100 Days makes the lads almost feel sympathy for UKIP – which is never a good thing.

Duckman discovers a news story about a man and his forbidden love, Dolly.  She’s a dolphin.  This leaves the lads creased with laughter and questioning just how weird humans can be.

The show is wrapped up with the single most controversial Try Hard Ruler of the Week Award in history.  This one is going to cause a riot!

As always, thanks for listening.  Get in touch with the show through all the usual channels.  Join the forums.  Buy some merch and shill the shit out of this show like you’ve never shilled before!!