MFX117 – Justin Luger, Hidden Atari (The WrestleMania Report)

O.M.G!  How awesome was WrestleMania 31?!  Answer: very!  That’s right folks, MFX is back with a review of WrestleMania 31 and all hell is breaking loose.  With Duckman on holiday, without his usual set up, Sir Ian steps into the host chair and Duckman and Marc Abrigo guest star on Trumps for Xcellence.

Listen as Sir Ian attempts to host a podcast in his own inimitable fashion, which basically involves insulting everyone on the show and butchering a wrestler’s name so spectacularly, the lads spend the rest of the show ripping on him for it!  Marc give his in person report from the WWE Hall of Fame, NXT and of course, WrestleMania 31.  Hear stories of annoying wrestling fans, sign etiquette, Abrigo protecting kayfabe and so much more.

The lads do a full review of WrestleMania 31 as only MFX can – with tales of Sean Waltman living in a cardboard box, Larry Zbyszko being a hall of fame stalker, Hulk Hogan trying to steal the spotlight from Bitch Sting, double brother wanking over Ronda Rousey, and tales of Alex Smiley’s crazy pants emporium.

Plus the lads review the follow night’s episode of Monday Night Raw, with its crazy chants, awesome Brock Lesnar angle, Michael Cole’s lonely shoe, Bryon Saxton putting the world to sleep and nerdy wrestler names.

This is the review of WrestleMania you’ve been waiting for.  So stop reading this rubbish and get listening!