MFX124 – …In Association with Pal Productions.

Two shows in two weeks?  Yep, that’s right folks – MFX is back once again with another cracking show for you lucky people.  Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week in this weird world we live in.  On the show this week…

The lads kick off with some sports chat.  They talk the latest transfers in premier league, Raheem Sterling’s situation with Liverpool and Steven Gerrard’s debut for LA Galaxy.  Then Duckman marks out for UFC189 and the arrival of a true MMA superstar in ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor.

Sir Ian reviews ‘Ballers’ which is The Rock’s new TV show and WWE’s Tough Enough.  This leads the lads to rewrite their own version of Tough Enough as Vince McMahon would really do it.  It basically involves a lot of sexual deviant behaviour and trying to make flights to towns you’ve never heard of.  Plus they talk the new MTV reality show, White People.

The wrestling chat continues as Duckman has been sent some erotic wrestling fan-fiction which horrifies Sir Ian.  The lads talk about Vince’s weird instructions to his commentators and how it’s ruining commentary in WWE.

There’s plenty to mark out about with the reveal of the new Batman v Superman trailer and the behind the scenes footage of the new Star Wars movie.  This leads to loads of chat about comic book movies, reboots, the over use of CGI and other fun movie related topics.

They wrap the show up with another head to head battle for the Try Hard Ruler of the Week.  With the winner being the true definition of a try hard!

It’s a fun show as always, so check it out, get involved with the show through all the usual channels and be sure to share the show on social media and anywhere else you can!

  • Terrible wrestling fanfiction? I thought that was my “thing” (Just kidding, there’s enough for everybody to go around)