MFX128 – An Ichiban Misunderstanding.

The boys are back in town!!  That’s right you lucky people your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps are back taking a look at this weird world we live in.  On the show this week…

The lads discuss Caitlyn Jenner and the season premiere of the new season of South Park and why not being a fan of Caitlyn Jenner doesn’t make you anti-transgender, it just makes you anti all things Kardashian – and that’s a good thing.  Also they wonder if their new series, I Am Duckman, will be as big a hit as I Am Cait.  Answer, probably not.

Then Sir Ian has tales from his trip to America and in particular his visit to a ‘health spa’ which may or may not have been an erotic massage parlour.  Listen to the story and then draw your own conclusions.

There’s talk about David Cameron and Pig Gate, Sir Ian goes around the world in a drunken haze, Duckman talks his upcoming meeting in Glasgow with MFX Asian correspondent Marc Abrigo and other MFXers, plus there’s more bad fan fiction reading, and the MFX Galaxy fight back with their Top Trumps movie trivia questions for Sir Ian.

The show is wrapped up once again with another hard fought edition of the Try Hard Ruler of the Week Award.

This is a really fun show, loads of good stories from Sir Ian’s trip to America and plenty of laughs to be had as the lads get back into the MFX groove after a few weeks off.

As always, thanks for listening, get involved in the show through all the usual channels and be sure to spread the word of MFX by supporting us on social media and telling your like-minded friends about us!