MFX129 – Drug Fuelled Sex Heart Attacks

MFX is back.  Your lives just improved immeasurably.  You’re welcome.  Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week in this weird world we live in.  On the show this week…

The Kardashians are all over the news thanks to Lamar Odom and his $75,000 4 day, drug fuelled bender in a Vegas brothel.  The lads have plenty to say on this whole messed up situation.

Plus the lads ramble about the Rugby World Cup, the recent European Championship football qualifiers, their favourite TV shows of the year and more.  Plus Duckman deals with noisy neighbours in the only way he know how.

There’s even some wrestling chat on the show this week, but it’s mostly about why neither of them have watched WWE Raw for over a year.  Duckman hypes NXT and tries to explain why watching WWE is such a massive waste of time these days.

Sir Ian learns Playboy will no longer show naked women and shows off his movie knowledge by naming IMDBs best movies of the past 25 years.  As always the show is wrapped up with the Try Hard Ruler of the Week Award.

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