MFX131 – This Is Pod-racing.

Alright you filthy animals – it’s time for the final MFX show of 2015.  So join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse this weird world we live in.  On the show this week…

Sir Ian gives a spoiler free review of Stars Wars: The Force Awakens.  Don’t worry folks, no plot points discussed or revealed here, so no worries about listening if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

Duckman has his review of the MFX Scotland meet up with Marc Abrigo and the Scottish MFX listeners.  They talk Marc’s ability to handle drink, meeting up with listeners, the NXT show they all went to and loads more.  Plus we hear about Sir Ian’s Christmas work night out and the arse he made of himself.

There’s tons of wrestling chat on the show this week, with TLC and Roman Reigns Title win being covered, plus Sir Ian offers his ideas for how WWE could improve and Duckman chimes in with his own thoughts too.

Plus they talk the football season so far, Jose Mourinho being sacked, what’s going wrong with Man Utd and what’s gone right with Leicester.

They wrap the show up by awarding the Try Hard Ruler of the YEAR!  That’s right, they lads go back through all the previous winners of the Try Hard Ruler of the Week, and pick the story that they believe deserves to be the Try Hard Ruler of the Year!

This is our final show of 2015.  Thank you to everyone who has listened to and supported MFX this year.  We couldn’t do this without you nerds, so thanks for that!  We’ll see you in 2016 and be sure to also check out the MFX Xmas Special:  Rybitch To The Future.

Thanks for listening and be sure to get involved with the show through all the usual channels.