MFX67 – The Raw Edition

It’s the second MFX show of the week folks! It’s MFX67 – The Raw Edition.

Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week in WWE and life in general.

They kick the show off this week with feedback from the MFX Galaxy which leads to tons of weird tangents involving Nazis, dogs, them being a battered wife podcast and loads more random topics. They talk about the passing of Roland Alexander and discuss WWE’s recent financial report and the poor Summerslam buy rate. They discuss John Cena’s plan to elevate the World Title to the same level as the WWE Title. There’s also talk about HHH and Chris Jericho and who really have been ‘the guy’ in WWE over the years.

Then it’s on to the review of Monday Night Raw from this week. It was a pretty terrible show, so most of the review is spent mourning the loss of the protective mat that Big E Langston killed – don’t worry, it’ll make sense when you hear it. It’s a riot of a review as always and you won’t hear a more entertaining review of RAW anywhere. Seriously.

As always, thanks for listening to the show and be sure to get involved in both of next week’s shows through all the usual channels.


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