MFX68 – The RAW Edition

This week on MFX68 – The RAW Edition:

Sometimes recording and producing a podcast is an utter nightmare. This show is one of those times. With illness striking down one half MFX and failing technology striking down the other, this show was a lot of trouble to record but hopefully just as awesome as always.

Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week in WWE and life in general.

They kick the show off this week with a full of review of one of the worst movies they’ve ever seen – The Marine 3, starring everyone’s favourite pouty, frowny failure, The Miz. There’s all your feedback and emails, plus a quick review of the return of our favourite show WWE produces, Total Divas.

Then it’s on to a full review of RAW from Manchester, England. No HHH and Steph, plenty of smarky chants and some killjoy security guards ruin Superman’s fun.

We’re off for a couple weeks but fear not MFX Galaxy – we’ll be back before you know it with another blockbuster show!

As always thanks for listening and enjoy the show!


Edwin Star – War.