MFX69 – The IMPACT Edition

Celebrate good times, COME ON!! MFX is back after a week’s holiday and ready to rock your world once again! Join your heroes Duckman and Sir Ian Trumps as they traverse the week in TNA and life in general.

On MFX69 – The IMPACT edition this week:

Sir Ian returns with tales of his week in New York which involve an appearance on the Today Show, being mistaken for a wrestler and other crazy Trumps shenanigans. Duckman counters that with talk of his Dad being invited to appear on the One Show on BBC 1.

Plus we have in person reports from the recent tour by Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman and discuss all the problems that went along with the show.

Given the tragic news of Brick Hogan breaking off her engagement, we have an exclusive interview with Brick who explains what happen. The Hulkster also makes an appearance with his thoughts on this massive news.

Then it’s time for a review of the Thanksgiving special edition of IMPACT. Whisper this, but they actually really enjoyed this fun, throw away and somewhat pointless edition of IMPACT.

It’s great to be back MFX Galaxy and hopefully this fun (and slightly longer than normal) show proves that. We had a ton of fun recording this show and hope you have the same listening.

As always, thanks for listening. Be sure to get involved in future shows through all the usual channels and BUY SOME MERCH!!


On The Inside – Brick Hogan’s request
Moving To New York – The Wombats