MFX71 – The IMPACT Edition

Merry Christmas everyone!! That’s right it’s time for MFX71 – The Christmas Special, Part 1, The IMPACT Edition. Yep, the longest title for a podcast ever!

On the show this week:

Sir Ian meets The Walking Inbred and tries to navigate a Greggs. Duckman has tales from his work Christmas night out and a slightly forced lap dance from a former colleague. They look back over your favourite moments of 2013 on MFX and review the year in TNA.

They wrap the show up this week with a review of a replay video heavy edition of IMPACT with a stupid gimmick match as the main event. It’s a little bit of a flat review, which is a shame for the last IMPACT review of the year, but we can only review what they put in front of us.

As always, thanks for listening and remember, MFX will be back later in the week with the end of year awards, a review of TLC, RAW and our very special Christmas Skit!

NERD – Lapdance.