MFX77 – The IMPACT Edition

MFX77 – The IMPACT Edition is up!

All kinds of chat in the opening of the show this week, including floods, politics, the gay winter Olympics and other such nonsense. All your feedback to last week’s show is discussed. Plus we lay out a challenge to the MFX Galaxy as a whole and friend of the show Goldferg is also issued with a challenge of his own. There’s also a couple of pieces of TNA related news to discuss.

As requested, Wrestling with Shadows, the famous Bret Hart documentary is given the MFX treatment. Tons of fun watching this film again and reviewing it for you guys.

The IMPACT review wraps the show up for another week. A pretty decent show and a review packed with lots of laughs and usual the MFX goodness.

As always, thanks for listening and be sure to get involved in future shows through all the usual channels.


Led Zepplin – When The Levee Breaks
Oasis – Cast No Shadow